For just £10 a month take control of your money by stopping your Classic Account from going into an unplanned overdraft

When there’s money or credit available in your account, transactions will go through exactly as normal. However, if you try to pay for something when there’s not enough money in your Classic account to cover it, Control will automatically stop the transaction going ahead. This includes:

  • Visa debit cards used in shops and online (including cash withdrawals)
  • Direct debits (including mortgages, loans and rent)
  • Standing orders.

There are some exceptions to this, which mean you could still go into an unplanned overdraft, including:

  • If you've used your Visa debit card somewhere where a retailer can't check with us, like on an aeroplane.
  • If the planned overdraft limit on your account is reduced and you don't have enough money to keep within your new limit.
  • The debiting of account fees, such as the £10 a month Control fee or overdraft usage fees.

Important information about Control:

  • There is a £10 overdraft buffer on your Classic Account, which means if you use a planned or an unplanned overdraft by less than £10, you won’t pay any fees.
  • Control stops transactions when there is not enough money in your Classic Account. This means your mortgage or rent, loan and credit card repayments and utility bills won’t be paid if they would take you over your limit.
  • If you receive a new Visa debit card, please start using it straight away, remembering to destroy your old card.
  • If you’ve used your Visa debit card somewhere where a retailer can’t check with us, like on an aeroplane, you could still go into an unplanned overdraft.
  • With Control interest will still be charged if you go into a planned or unplanned overdraft.
  • If when registering for Control, you have any unprocessed payments or outstanding fees and charges, these will still be processed, even if this takes you into an unplanned overdraft. In this case the usual fees and charges will apply.
  • We give all our customers a grace period. Pay in enough money before 3.30pm (UK time) to avoid any overdraft fees you may incur that day. The money needs to be immediately available to use, so you could transfer money from another personal account you have with us via Internet Banking or Telephone Banking or pay in cash over the counter in branch.
Summary of fees that will apply with Control
Fee type Classic Account with Control
Monthly Control account fee £10
Monthly overdraft usage fee, if a planned overdraft of more than £10 is used during a monthly billing period £6
Unplanned overdraft daily fees No daily fees
Returned item fee No returned item fees


Representative example
If you use a planned overdraft limit of £1,200 on our Classic Account the overdraft interest rate we will charge on the first £25 will be 0% EAR variable and a monthly overdraft usage fee will not apply. The overdraft interest rate on the next £1,175 will be 19.94% EAR variable and a monthly overdraft usage fee of £6 will apply.

Glossary of common terms
Unplanned overdraft
If you try to make a payment out of your account (for example by direct debit or cheque) and you don’t have enough money, we would normally treat this as a request for an unplanned overdraft or for an increase in one you already have. In the majority of cases, Control will prevent you from going into unplanned overdraft, for details of limited exceptions to this please refer to the Control brochure. In the unlikely event that you do go into unplanned overdraft, Control means that you won’t pay any unplanned overdraft fees but you will be charged interest.

Planned overdraft
An overdraft up to a limit that we agree, taking into account your personal circumstances and which you arrange with us in advance. Fees and charges apply on planned overdrafts of more than £10, please see our banking charges guide for more information. It is possible to have a planned overdraft with Control in place.

Monthly overdraft usage fee
There is a ‘monthly overdraft usage fee’ of £6 if you use a planned overdraft of more than £10 at any time during your monthly billing period. You’ll only pay this fee once in a monthly billing period no matter how many times you go overdrawn in that month. With Control, no monthly overdraft usage fee applies if you use only an unplanned overdraft, but you will be charged interest.

Unplanned overdraft daily fee
This is a fee we would normally charge you for using an unplanned overdraft. The amount of the fee is worked out at the end of each day (including weekends and bank holidays) on the balance of your unplanned overdraft. We would normally charge you a maximum of eight daily fees in a monthly billing period. In the majority of cases, Control will prevent you from going into unplanned overdraft, for details of limited exceptions to this please refer to the Control brochure. With Control, no unplanned overdraft daily fee applies, but you will be charged interest.

Returned item fee
If you do not have enough available money to make a payment and we do not agree to give you or extend an unplanned overdraft, then we will decline your request (we will write to tell you of this), you will not be able to make that payment and normally we would charge you a returned item fee of £10 for each item.  With Control, you will not be charged returned item fees.

Calls may be monitored or recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help improve our quality of service.

Overdrafts are available subject to status and repayable in full on demand.

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Registering for Control

To add Control to your Classic Account simply make an appointment at your local branch or call us on 08457 21 31 41, 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm on Saturdays and 9am-5pm on Sundays. 

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