By your side in 2022

2022 opportunities

Whatever your goals, we’ll be by your side with expert guidance and support to help you achieve them. Let’s make 2022 a year you look back on for all the right reasons. 

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Build a reassuring buffer

For life’s unpredictable events, it’s wise to have enough money to cover your outgoings for at least three months.

Try out our savings calculator and see how much is sensible for you to set aside.

Savings calculatorSavings calculator
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Become credit score aware

The actions you take today to build a good credit score will make borrowing for your future home, car and other important life events easier.  Generally, the higher your credit score, the lower the interest rates you’re likely to be offered.

See how a credit score is worked out.

Credit score guideCredit score guide
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Balancing borrowing

Seeing the bigger picture could help you manage your borrowing more comfortably and feel more in control.

Find out what options are available to help you assess your needs or streamline your borrowing in 2022.

Borrowing optionsBorrowing options
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Make a move of your own

If you’ve spent more time at home these last 18 months or so, you may have started thinking about buying your own place.

If so, now’s an opportunity to consider how you can make it happen, with advice on all kinds of mortgages, all in one location. 

Mortgage essentialsMortgage essentials
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Get a head start on retirement

Whatever stage of life you’re at – nearing retirement, already retired or just starting to think about it – we can help you make the most of your pension options. 



Under 50s pension tips 

Over 50s pension tips

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Make more of your home

If spending more time at home these past 18 months has made you think about making improvements to it, visit our Eco Home Hub.

And how about making your home more sustainable? Our Eco Home Tool and tips could help you improve your home's energy efficiency to reduce your costs. 

Home improvementsHome improvements
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Protect yourself and your loved ones

For peace of mind that your mortgage can be repaid and your loved ones are taken care of, there's life insurance. We also offer options including power of attorney to help meet your needs, or someone that you know, as they change over time.

Discover what options are available to you. 


Life insurance

Power of attorney

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Put your savings to work

You might be interested to learn that investments aren't reserved for people who are older or with specialist knowledge.

Why not discover ways you too can make your money work harder?

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Outsmart fraudsters

Keep a close eye on your account statements – balance and transactions – for unusual activity. And help protect your money by being aware of fake websites and phone, text or email scams.

To find out how to stay safe online and avoid the latest scams, visit our Fraud Hub.

Fraud HubFraud Hub

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