Your card is all you need to pay

Your Bank of Scotland Visa debit card makes paying simple, and can be safer than cash. It’s accepted across the UK, so there’s no need to make a special trip to the cash machine. Why use cash when you could pay by card?


The everyday way to pay

Paying with a debit card is now even more popular than cash. With no minimum limit, you can use it for the smallest items, so no need to hunt around for the right change.

Did you know?

Last year in the UK we used our debit cards more than ever – for over 15 billion payments in fact.

Helping to protect your money

If your cash ever goes missing, it stays missing. But if your card falls into the wrong hands, we’re ready to keep your money safe. In addition to your card’s built-in Visa security technology, we use the latest systems to detect suspicious activity on your card to help keep you protected from fraud.

Did you know?

When you pay with contactless, now and again you’ll be asked to enter your PIN, so we can check it’s really you.

Go contactless, then keep moving

Contactless is the handy way to pay up to £30, it saves you seconds every time you pay. Whatever shape or size the contactless payment reader – from tablets to square ones – it’s as safe as Chip and PIN, and even more popular. Just look for the contactless symbol when you’re out and about.


Did you know?

Your contactless card is now accepted on most bus routes across the UK.

Stay on top of your spending

Keep tabs on your spending as you go. With Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking app, whenever you want to check your balance, you can access your account securely on your phone or computer – day or night.


Did you know?

You can use your fingerprint or even your face to log in with the app? There is no more secure way to bank. Find out more about Internet Banking.

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