How these changes will affect you

It can be difficult to keep track of the true cost of using an overdraft. So, there’ll be just one fee each day you use your overdraft, to make it easier to know exactly what you're paying.

You’ll be able to see any daily overdraft fee – and the effect on your balance – at any time in the mobile app, online or at a Cashpoint® or other ATM. And we can send you mobile alerts to help you make day-to-day spending decisions to stay within your overdraft limit. You’ll get:

  • Alerts when you go overdrawn, so you know you will pay the fees.
  • Alerts when you're close to your limit - or don't have enough to cover a payment - to give you a chance to transfer money across.

Watch this short video which shows an example of using your overdraft with the new daily overdraft fees, and what differences you’re likely to see.

BoS Overdraft Assessment video

Things you can do to stay on top of your money

Important to know

  • If we can't make a payment because your balance is too low, we won't charge you any returned item fees. But some companies you need to pay may charge for missed payments.
  • We won't always be able to stop contactless payments even if you're at your planned overdraft limit. We won't charge you fees on those amounts if this happens.

Here are some more ways you can stay on top of your overdraft. And be sure to read our Good to know section for more details about how the new fees work.

  • Reduce or repay Keep fees low by paying back some or all of your overdraft by 2 November.
  • Get Mobile Alerts Stay up to date - make sure we have a mobile number for you and that it's up to date.
  • Repay by the end of every day Clear your overdraft by the end of every day to avoid the daily fee.
  • Check your regular payments Be aware of when you need to have the money available.
  • Check your balance Make sure you have enough to cover your spending and regular payments.
  • Remember cheques Someone can pay in your cheque up to 6 months after you've written it.
Image of a Calculator

Overdraft fee calculator

Work out what your new overdraft fees could be with our overdraft fee calculator

Manage your overdraft now

If you use internet or mobile banking you can apply for a new overdraft, apply to increase, reduce or cancel your overdraft whenever you need to with an instant online decision. You can also manage your overdraft over the phone or in branch.

Please note all overdrafts are subject to our assessment of your circumstance and are repayable in full on demand. You must be aged 18 or over to apply.

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