Managing your overdraft limit

Viewing your current arranged overdraft limit

If you already have a planned overdraft on your current account, log into Internet Banking and your overdraft limit will be shown on ‘Your accounts'. You can also do this through Mobile Banking.

Increasing or reducing your overdraft limit

It’s easy to change your overdraft limit whenever you need to. You can either reduce or apply to increase your overdraft limit at any time using your internet banking or mobile banking app in just a few simple steps.

To do this, simply sign in to your internet banking or mobile banking app and select ‘more actions’ on the bank account that you have the overdraft set up on. Then select ‘overdrafts’ and follow the on-screen instructions so you can tell us the new overdraft limit you would like.

If you are applying to increase your overdraft limit you can benefit from an instant online decision and once approved your new overdraft limit will be ready to use immediately.

If you would like to talk to someone about amending your overdraft you can do this in branch or over the phone.

Cancelling your overdraft

There’s no need to reduce or cancel your overdraft if you aren’t actively using it, it’s there as a safety net if you do need it and you only ever pay for the amount of the overdraft that you use.

If you do need to cancel your Planned Overdraft, you can do this straightaway if your account is in credit. If you cancel your overdraft, we might not be able to offer you the same Planned Overdraft limit again in the future.

To cancel, your account needs to be in credit. Log into Internet Banking, select the ‘More actions’ button on your current account, then choose the ‘Manage overdraft’ button (found in the ‘Overdraft’ dropdown menu). Click ‘Cancel Planned Overdraft’ and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also do this through Mobile Banking.

Information about applying for a new overdraft limit

  • You need to be 18 to apply for an overdraft
  • We can also reduce your overdraft limit at any time. We will usually give 30 days notice before making any changes
  • If you have already had an overdraft request declined by us within the last 30 days, please do not re-apply

Apply for an overdraft

Have you already got a current account with us that offers a planned overdraft?

Apply for an overdraft or increase your existing overdraft limit using Internet Banking.

Apply now

Once you’ve signed in, select ‘Overdraft’ from the ‘Compare and apply’ menu (on Your accounts) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do you not have a current account with us?

Apply for an overdraft as part of our online current account application.

Compare bank accounts