Speech impairment


If you have a Textphone, you can call us on any of our standard phone numbers using the Next Generation Text (NGT) service. For some services, this may mean you can contact us during longer opening times. The NGT service lets you have a typed conversation with us as normal. You simply dial 18001 and then the standard telephone number. If you prefer, you can still use our textphone lines.

Web chat

You'll see web chat appear in more and more places on our website. A small box comes up on your screen and asks if you want to chat to one of us. You just type in what you want to discuss with us, and the colleague at the other end replies. Web chat is a great way to bank online and talk to us at the same time. It's even better if you prefer not to use the phone, or can't get to a branch at the time.

Longer appointment times

You can ask for a longer appointment if you’d like to have more time when you visit us in branch. Just let us know when you book. We'll be happy to learn how you prefer to deal with us, to understand your needs, and to help as best we can. You can book an appointment in person at any branch, or find contact details for us online or in the app. Please bring someone along with you to the branch if you’d like to.

Talking to us in person or by phone

Our colleagues will assist you as best they can, if you use an aid for talking, such as synthetic speech or pointing aids. Please bear with us while we get used to your aid and how we can best support you. For instance, synthetic speech may not sound like you, especially on the phone. We try to take account of each person's own conditions and be sensitive in how we deal with you. At the same time, we'll be happy to take your lead because we're aware that you know what's right for you.

You can now also indicate your support options via the ‘Your profile’ menu in our Internet Banking or Mobile Banking app.

Our promise

Our promise is to do our best to resolve any problems you have. If you wish to complain visit your local branch or call 0800 072 8668 or +44 0131 278 3729.