Applying for a second credit card

As an existing Bank of Scotland credit card customer you can apply for a second credit card

A second Bank of Scotland credit card could give you additional flexibility over your finances with the ability to keep balances separate by using a second card for a specific purchase, event or to consolidate existing credit card debt from other lenders.

A second card may also give you the opportunity to take advantage of different credit card features. You may also be able to redistribute your credit limit between your existing credit cards.

How could a second card help you?

For example, you’re paying off a balance on your existing credit card but would like to put day-to-day spending on a second card keeping the balances separate.

This could give you the flexibility to keep your current card and apply for a second card.

Only want one credit card?

Change your existing credit card to unlock different features to what you have now.

Swap your card

How to apply for a second credit card:

1. Check you’re eligible to apply.

Applying for a second Bank of Scotland Credit Card is subject to the following conditions:

  • You’re not applying within 60 days of having opened your first credit card with us.
  • You don’t already have two credit cards with Bank of Scotland, and a maximum of five with the Lloyds Banking Group (which also includes Halifax and Lloyds Bank).
  • Your application is subject to a full credit and affordability check.

2. Compare and apply online.

Compare our range of credit cards and apply online. Excludes customers holding a Classic or Student card.

Please note: we do not accept balance transfers from other Bank of Scotland credit cards.

Compare and apply for a second credit card.

Other options available on your existing credit card:

  • Increase your credit limit; you can review your current credit card limit to meet your needs
  • Check for balance transfer offers on your existing credit card; as an existing customer you can benefit from balance transfer offers, which could help you save money and manage your finance
  • Request an Additional Cardholder; you can request an additional card for a family member or someone else over 18 years old. All transactions appear on a single monthly statement, so you can easily keep track of family spending.