Information about Balance Transfers

A balance transfer allows you to move balances from another credit card or some store cards to your Bank of Scotland credit card. The money you save on interest payments could help you manage your finances.

Your Bank of Scotland credit card terms and conditions won't change. This offer is subject to status.

Things to consider before making a transfer

  • To keep your promotional rate, you’ll need to stay within your credit limit and make at least your minimum monthly payments on time. If you want to bring your balance down faster, you can pay more off at any time. Any balances left after the promotional period ends will go back to your standard interest rate.
  • To make a balance transfer, you’ll need the credit cards to hand for the accounts you're transferring the balance to and from.
  • Minimum transfer amount - The minimum transfer amount is £100 and a transfer fee may apply.
  • The amount you transfer needs to be less than your available credit limit to allow for any transfer fee and any other fees, charges or transactions that haven’t reached your account yet.
  • Ensure you’re comfortable that you could afford to pay back the money borrowed even if your circumstances change.
  • Card change - If you have recently swapped your credit card and this offer has been received as a promotion for your old card, you will not be able to apply for this offer.
  • Promotional offers - These offers are exclusive and only available to you and only apply to new transfers made.
  • Interest on purchases - To benefit from paying no interest on purchases, you will need to pay off your monthly statement balance in full and on time each month (which will include any balance transferred), unless you have a 0% promotional rate for your purchases.
  • Payments - Any payments you make will firstly pay off your transactions with the highest interest rate charge on, followed by the next highest, and so on.

Once we receive your payment instruction and your transfer has been approved, it should reach your account by the next working day. If we need to carry out any additional security checks we’ll contact you by phone or SMS to inform you.

How to make a Balance Transfer

You can transfer from most credit cards and some store cards (which display the Mastercard®, Amex®, or Visa® logo) but you can’t make a balance transfer from other Bank of Scotland credit cards, loan companies or bank accounts. You’ll also need to continue making payments to your other card(s) as usual until the transfer shows on that card’s statement.

Apply online

Log in to Apply

If you haven’t registered for Internet Banking, you will need to do so before you can make a transfer online. It's easy to register and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 450 4465 to apply over the phone or visit us in branch. Lines are open 8am - 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 5pm Saturdays and Bank Holidays. Calls may be monitored or recorded.

What happens once I'm approved?

Once your transfer has been approved, and we’ve made the necessary security checks, the transfer should reach your account by the next working day.