Budgeting Tool

Keeping track of your income and spending can sometimes be difficult to manage. So, we’ve designed a handy Budgeting Tool to help all our customers, whether you’re simply interested in managing your money more closely, or you have concerns about managing your finances.

How the budgeting tool works

You will need to note down your income and spending in various categories, so we recommend that you get together any paperwork, such as bank statements or utility bills. It will then take around 20 minutes to complete.

We won’t ask you to enter any personal information, and all income and spending details you enter are confidential. You can choose to complete this for yourself or for your household.

You will be asked for:

  • your income
  • your essential expenditure – such as mortgage or rent, council tax and transport
  • any arrears or debts you may be committed to - for example Credit Cards and Loans 
  • your discretionary spending – things like going to the cinema or gym memberships.

For each item you can choose the frequency for how often you receive or spend it. For example, your mortgage may be a monthly payment, but your food shopping may be weekly.

At the end you’ll be provided with a summary of your income and spending, showing the difference between the two which you can then print.

If you need more advice or guidance on managing your money, we will give you some useful contacts at the end of the Budgeting Tool.

Launch the Budgeting Tool