Whether you want to get more done on the go or a weather update before heading out, smart tech lets you decide how you want to improve your everyday life.

The real value of smart tech

Smart tech is anything from a single internet-connected device to a completely connected home with appliances and gadgets you control remotely. You could dim the lights or dispense dinner for your dog, all via apps and voice commands. You might feel a bit self-conscious asking your TV to change the channel, but there are lots of practical ways smart tech can help you.

It’s worth thinking about your budget and priorities:

  • Consider how tech could enhance each room. For example, a smart monitor for a child’s room, smart speakers for the living room, or connected kitchen appliances. Which could help you most?
  • Think beyond convenience and entertainment value. Smart tech can help you save and manage money.

Smarter or cheaper utilities?

Smart tech can help you control energy use and cut costs, with solutions for different budgets.

  • For around £20, a smart plug turns any appliance into a connected one. You can switch it on and off remotely, and monitor energy usage. You might be surprised how much is used by some TVs on standby. It could even let you put the kettle on before you get out of bed.
  • With some more investment, you could install a smart thermostat which lets you control heating remotely and can even learn and adjust to your routine to avoid wasting energy.

At your service

Virtual assistants free up your hands and your time through voice activation. For example, while you’re cooking, they can:

  • Give you recipe instructions.
  • Play your favourite music or read you the headlines.
  • Play a fun, educational quiz to keep the kids occupied.
  • Remind you of important events, birthdays and payment due dates.

Our mobile alerts also help you stay on top of account limits and could help you avoid unplanned overdrafts, with a text straight to your smartphone.

Tech on the move

Smart tech isn’t just for the home.

  • Smart devices for the car let you use your voice to ask for directions, create to-do lists and even remotely control connected devices at home.
  • AI-powered apps learn to serve you better as you use them. You could use them on your commute to learn a new language, or plan time more productively.
  • Wearable tech, like smartwatches, track fitness goals. So you’ll know if you’ve done your 10,000 steps and can go put your feet up.
  • With our mobile banking app, you can manage your money on the go.

Safe and secure

There are lots of smart tech ways to stay safe. Security cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors could protect your life and your possessions. When it comes to security, it’s also worth considering:

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