Thanks for sending us your payment holiday request. You don’t need to call us.

If you provided your mobile number, we’ll respond back within 3-5 working days via text message to confirm if your payment holiday has been approved.

If you didn’t provide a mobile number, we will write to the address we hold for you within 6-10 working days.

Please do not cancel any future payments until you have received either a text message or letter of confirmation.

If you pay by Direct Debit

  • You will need to take no further action as we will automatically suspend and reinstate your Direct Debit when your payment holiday comes to an end.

If you pay by any other method:

  • Once we have confirmed your payment holiday has been approved, you must cancel any existing payment arrangements you have (for example a standing order).
  • Once your payment holiday has ended, you must ensure you re-instate these ensuring your new payment amount has been adjusted accordingly.

We will confirm your new payment amount in writing prior to any payments being taken following the payment holiday.

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