Request to set up, amend or cancel a regular overpayment or a fixed payment

Use this form to set up, amend or cancel a regular overpayment or a fixed payment to the monthly direct debit that we collect from your bank account.
  • Regular overpayments are amounts you pay that are extra to your normal monthly payments.
  • Fixed payments are a set amount you will pay each month to replace your normal monthly payments. These must be higher than your current monthly payment.

Both will reduce your interest charges and the amount you owe on your mortgage.

You’ll need to call us if:

  • You don’t currently pay your mortgage by Direct Debit
  • You have fallen behind with your payments.

Important information you must read before using this form:

Some mortgage products have an early repayment charge. If a charge is applicable this will be shown either on your mortgage offer, annual statement or on a transfer authority form if you changed mortgage products after your account started. If a charge applies this will be deducted from your overpayment.

You can only use this form if you want to pay up to £1,000 per month more than your normal payment, if you want to pay more call us on 0345 300 2627.

If your account does not start 60 and your mortgage is part interest only and part repayment, your overpayment will reduce your repayment balance.

If you have more than one mortgage account with us you will need to submit a form for each account you want to overpay.

Your request will continue indefinitely or until you request it to be changed or cancelled.

If you have a Fixed payment and your contractual payment increases above this amount:

  • If your account does not begin 60 you will need to change your payment to ensure you don’t fall behind.
  • If your account does begin 60 we will cancel the fixed payment and change to your contractual payment.

If your next mortgage payment is due in the next 14 days, your request may not be effective until the following month. We will write to confirm when we have updated your account.

You’ll find this on any letters we’ve sent you about your mortgage.
Including the country code if international.
Additional amount if Overpayment or total amount if Fixed Payment.

Before you submit your request, please confirm that:


How we process your personal information

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