Moving existing mortgage account to single direct debit

Use this form to move a customer to a single direct debit payment where they currently have multiple payments.

We can only use an existing account which is currently being used to pay one part of the mortgage.

If the customer wants to use an account that isn’t currently used to pay the mortgage or they currently pay by a method which isn’t direct debit, they will need to call 0345 300 2627 to arrange this.

What you need to know

By using this form we will move your customers to a single direct debit, payable on the day of the month of the original loan, for all parts of their existing mortgage.

  • We will email you within 5 working days of your request.
  • You must have consent from all parties to the bank account to set up this instruction
  • Customer could make two payments in quick succession
  • At least one named customer on the bank account must be named on the mortgage
  • The direct debit can only be set up on a current account (no savings accounts)
  • We do not accept payments from a business account
  • Any other payment methods e.g. Standing Orders will need to be cancelled

Please complete the following information:


Customer details


Please use either the 60/ roll number or 14 digit format starting with 6.

Intermediary details

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Direct Debit guarantee