Common Enquiries

Finding out your current savings rate

Our current rates are shown on our Savings rates page.

If you have a fixed rate savings account, the rate will be shown on your statements, and on the documentation you received when you opened the account.

If you have a variable rate savings account, the rate can change from time to time. Your conditions will explain how we notify you of any rate changes.

Alternatively call us on 0345 602 0304*.

Changing your address

To change the address we hold for you, please print off and complete our 'change of details' form on our Help Centre 'Change your address' page.

Alternatively just visit your nearest branch, or call our Customer Services team on 03456 02 03 04*.

Managing your savings accounts online

Once registered for the online service, you will be able to add and view your accounts from your account homepage. As well as viewing your balance, you can also move money between your accounts. Log in now or register for our Internet Banking service.

Lost / damaged cards and passbooks

If you lose or damage your Bank of Scotland Savings card, just call us on 03456 02 03 04*, and we'll arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you.

For a lost or damaged passbook, you can report this on the number above, but you'll need to visit your nearest branch, taking ID with you, to request and collect a new one.

Requesting a Tax Certificate

Tax certificates are available for all savings accounts other than both variable and fixed rate ISA Saver and ISA Saver Direct.

If you wish to request a tax certificate, call us on 03456 02 03 04*, or visit any branch.

Savings for Investment purposes

For longer term and tax-efficient savings, our range of Investments and ISAs may be more appropriate for your needs.

Setting up a savings account for a relative

Savings accounts can be set up for relatives under the following circumstances:

  • Joint accounts (both parties are involved in the application process)
  • Trustee accounts (e.g. for your children)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Court of Protection

As these cannot be arranged online, visit your nearest branch.  For more information about joint accounts, either visit your nearest branch or call us on 03456 02 03 04*.

Fixed account maturities

You will be sent a maturity pack one month before the maturity date, containing all the information you will need about the options available to you.  We then take your instructions on what to do with the matured funds.

If you lose your maturity pack, visit your nearest branch.