Internet banking is safe and secure

The security of our service and of your accounts is absolutely our number one priority.  So if you want to experience all the benefits of our online service but are holding back because of worries about the security of your accounts, you can be assured that our online service is safe and secure.  That's why we back up what we say with our online fraud guarantee.


Our online fraud guarantee
"If a customer of our online service is a victim of online fraud, we guarantee that they won't lose any money from their account and will always be reimbursed in full."

There are also additional steps that you can personally take to help ensure your accounts remain safe and secure:

  • Never share your sign in details with anybody
  • Never respond to emails that ask you to supply your sign in details.  These are known as phishing emails and we would never email you asking you to supply your sign in details

You can read more about our online security, including more about how to protect yourself online and phishing emails in our Security and Privacy section.