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Benefits of switching to Bank of Scotland

  • Manage your account conveniently even when a branch might not be nearby with access to Internet Banking, our award winning Mobile Banking App* or on your iPad using Express Login.
  • With Vantage, earn 3% AER (2.96% Gross) variable on your balance of £3,000 - £5,000. Just pay at least £1000 into your account each month and stay in credit (above £0). Lower interest rates apply for balances below these amounts
  • With Everyday Offers, you can earn up to 15% cashback at selected retailers. Also, by choosing It's On Us, each month we give 500 customers up to £500 back on one of their debit or credit card purchases as a way of saying thank you.1

Starting your switch

I do not have a current account with you

  1. Complete a Bank of Scotland Classic Account application and fill in our switch form at the end
  2. Let us do the rest and your switch will be completed in seven working days

 Apply for a Classic Account today

I already have a current account with you

  1. Complete our simple online switching form
  2. Let us do the rest and your switch will be completed in seven working days

 Complete your switch form

Alternatively, call us on 03456 02 52 93 (open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm and Sat 9am-4pm) or make an appointment at your local branch.

For more information about switching, read our Switching leaflet (PDF).

How the switching process works

  1. Day 1-2 - Your switch begins – We will contact your old bank and start the process of transferring your payment arrangements to your Bank of Scotland current account.
  2. Day 3-5 - We switch your payment arrangements and make sure your Bank of Scotland account is ready for the switch date, which takes a couple of days.
  3. Day 6-7 - On Day 6, check your funds if you are clearing a debit balance at your old account, you will need to make sure there are enough funds in your Bank of Scotland account to cover this transfer. By Day 7 your switch will be complete and your old bank account is closed.

What else you need to know

  • We agree a switch date which can be anytime from seven working days from now, or up to 30 days if you’re not ready to switch just yet
  • You can use your old account as normal up until the switch date.
  • We’ll also transfer any remaining balance in your old account to your new one or, if you have a debit balance in your old account, we can arrange to transfer money from your new account to pay off the amount.
  • From the switch date we will start making payments from your Bank of Scotland account.

The Current Account Switch Guarantee ensures your current account will switch on a working day of your choice, your payments will be automatically transferred and redirected to your new account, and in the unlikely event you incur any charges on your old or new bank account due to an error or delay, you will be refunded in full when this is brought to our attention.


What is the Current Account Switch Service?
It’s a free service that lets you switch your current account from one participating bank or building society to another. It’s been designed to be simple, reliable and hassle-free and is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

Can I switch my account on a date that suits me?
Yes — you can choose and agree a date with Bank of Scotland and we’ll start the process six working days before that date. (Working days are Monday – Friday excluding bank and public holidays.)

What happens if there is a mistake or unnecessary delay in the current account switching process?
The Current Account Switch Service is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. This guarantees that any charges or interest incurred on your old or new account, as a result of a failure in the switching process will be refunded when you bring this to our attention.

Will switching my current account affect my credit rating?
No, as long as you repay any outstanding overdraft(s) on your previous account(s) with your old bank or building society. If there are any problems with payments (as part of the switching process) we will correct them and make sure your credit rating is not affected.

What if I change my mind?
You can cancel your switch up to seven working days before your switch date. After that only certain parts can be cancelled, but your old bank account will still close. You might want to consider waiting until after your switch date. You can then ask another bank or building society to switch your account from us. Please note that you may not be able to switch back to your old bank or to the type of current account you held with your old bank.

Why does the old bank account have to close for a full switch?
A key benefit of the service is the 36 month redirection service. For this to work the old account must be closed.

What type of accounts can I switch using the Current Account Switch Service?
The Current Account Switch Service is for current accounts only. If you want to switch other account types, such as a savings account, we could still help — just ask.

Can I transfer funds from my new account to pay off a debit balance at my old account?
Yes. We can arrange for an amount to be transferred to your old account on your switch date. Please ensure you have sufficient funds or an agreed overdraft in your Bank of Scotland current account on the day before and on your switch date.

What happens to any debit card transactions that I have asked my old bank to stop?
The Current Account Switch Service should not interfere with this process and any debit card transactions that you have asked your bank to stop should remain so after your switch.

Can I prevent my new account details being given to someone who sends one-off payments to my old account?
You may be able to transfer your payments to Bank of Scotland without redirecting payments from your old account, and you should discuss this requirement with us.

*2014 World Innovation Awards - Innovation in the delivery of financial products (Mobile).

1To be eligible for Everyday Offers you need to be over 18, have a Bank of Scotland current account, a Bank of Scotland debit and/or credit card and be registered for Internet Banking. Once you’ve activated Everyday Offers, just activate each offer to earn cashback on your next purchase. You can activate 'It’s On Us‘ in the Everyday Offers section of Internet Banking.

You must be 18 or over and a UK resident to apply. Account opening is subject to our assessment of your circumstances and to you meeting all eligibility conditions. Benefits are subject to application and approval.

Calls may be monitored or recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly.

Registered in Scotland No.SC327000. Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 169628.