Junior Cash ISA

A long term, tax free savings account for children who are under 18.

Earn 3.00% tax free/AER variable.

Following the introduction of the Government Junior ISA scheme, we offer a Junior Cash ISA as a long-term tax-free savings account for under 18s.

The account is opened by an adult with parental responsibility if the child is under 16, or by the child if they are aged 16-17.

Key features

  • Start saving with just £1. Deposits can be made by anyone (subject to annual Junior ISA allowance)
  • Unlimited number of deposits – up to £4,080 less any amount paid into a Junior Stocks & Shares ISA in the same tax year
  • Interest is paid annually (on 31st March) at a tax free, variable rate

Summary box

Account name
Junior Cash ISA
Interest rates (AERs)

3.00% tax free/AER variable
Calculated daily
Interest paid annually on 31st March

Tax Status
Tax free
Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may change
Conditions for bonus payment
Not applicable
Withdrawal arrangements
No withdrawals or closure allowed until the child reaches 18
Open online or make an appointment and open in branch. View your balance and access your account in branch only.

Additional information about the Junior Cash ISA


Existing Child Trust Fund holders can transfer their account to a Junior Cash ISA. The full balance in the existing Child Trust Fund must be transferred to the Junior Cash ISA as part of the application process, which can only be completed in branch.


Withdrawals or closure from any Junior Cash ISA are not allowed until the child reaches the age of 18, except in case of the child's death or terminal illness. You cannot view this account on your Internet Banking profile.

Cancellation period

You can cancel your Junior Cash ISA within 14 days of opening, without charge. If you cancel during this period you will not lose the allowance for the current tax year and you can invest in another Junior ISA.


Deposits made to the Junior Cash ISA by a donor are treated as a gift to the child and therefore cannot be returned to the donor.

Account maturity

When the child reaches the age of 18 their Junior Cash ISA will mature into an adult cash ISA where they can continue to save without paying tax on their existing balances.

Open a Junior Cash ISA today.

 Open for a child under 16

 Open yourself if aged 16 to 17

You may be asked to visit branch with identification documents. Managing your Junior Cash ISA can only be done in branch.

We recommend you read the account conditions (PDF) carefully as they form a legal contract with us. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact us before you agree to them (as part of the application).

Please note:
Rates of interest are subject to change. Rates effective from 0.00am on 13/02/2012 to check effective dates for all our savings products please see our interest rates section.

For a definition of AER, Gross and other terms please view our savings glossary.

Open a Junior Cash ISA today

 Open for a child under 16

 Open yourself if aged 16 to 17

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Please note: You may be asked to visit branch with identification documents and managing your Junior Cash ISA can only be done in branch

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