International Payments

A quick and secure way to send and receive money around the world.

Do you have family overseas and want to send them money? Or you could be working or buying a house abroad? Whatever the reason, our International Payment services are fast, efficient and secure. There’s choice of currencies to choose from when sending money.

You can also receive pound sterling or foreign currency into your Bank of Scotland account (subject to account conditions).

What do I need to do to send an International Payment?

How much do International Payments cost?
We have one fee for sending money abroad regardless of whether you send it through Internet Banking, over the telephone or in your local branch. The fee is the same for every currency and for any amount of money.

International payment fee - £9.50

If you are sending payments in a currency other than euro, or if you’re sending euro to a non-EEA country, a charge could be made by the overseas bank and any other bank involved in the transaction, including the beneficiary bank. This may result in the person receiving the payment receiving a lesser amount than you have sent, or these charges may be debited from their account separately. Other charging options are available in branch or via Telephone Banking. For more information, read the International Payments terms & conditions.


How long will my international payment take to arrive?
The transferred money will reach the country you’re sending it to within two working days. The funds will often have to go through two banks in that country, including:

  • The recipient bank – this holds the account you’re sending the money to
  • The correspondent bank – this is a receiving bank in the same country that is involved in processing the transaction.

First, the money goes to the correspondent bank. Once there, it is subject to local banking practices and any differences in time zones. The money is then sent on to the recipient bank. How quickly this happens depends on a few factors such as the day and time it arrives at the correspondent bank.

The table below tells you the maximum time the payment will take to reach the other persons bank provided you have given us the instruction on a working day before the 3pm cut off time

Currency and destination Maximum delivery times
Euros to the EU, EEA, Monaco or Switzerland Next working day
Sterling, Swiss Francs and any other EEA currency to any EU or EEA country 4 working days
Any other currency to non EU and EEA European countries, North America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and the Far East 4 working days
Any currency to any other countries 12 working days

Sending money overseas is simple – you’ll need the following information, depending on the destination:

  • The BIC/SWIFT code and the IBAN (this replaces the account number). Please refer to our help & guidance page for a list of countries that you will need an IBAN for.
  • For the rest of the world, the beneficiary name and bank details are needed.
 How to send money abroad with our International Payment service
Via Internet Banking

NOTE: A daily transaction limit of £100,000 applies when sending International Payments via Internet Banking.
Log in to Internet Banking and select 'More actions' on the account you want to make the payment from. Choose 'Payments & transfers' and then select 'Make an international payment'. You can then follow the on screen instructions.

Via Telephone Banking

NOTE: A daily transaction limit of £5,000  applies when sending International Payments via Telephone Banking.
If you're registered for Telephone Banking, just call 0345 721 3141 (+44 131 339 2573 if calling from outside the UK).
Lines open 24 hours a day from 8am Monday to 4pm Saturday.

In branch Call into your nearest branch and talk to us.

Foreign drafts - what is a foreign draft and how much does it cost?
A foreign draft is a bank draft (similar to a cheque) which you can use to send money abroad by post. Foreign drafts are available in all major currencies and will be issued and posted to your home address. Once you receive the foreign draft you can send the it to the recipient who will be able to pay it into their bank. They may not have access to the funds immediately and may need to wait for the cheque to be cleared. Foreign drafts cost £20 each and can only be ordered via branch.

Receiving money from abroad

Transfers to your Bank of Scotland account can be received in foreign currency or sterling. Payments received in foreign currency are converted into sterling and credited to your account. To ensure your funds are received as quickly as possible you must instruct the overseas bank to send funds via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).

There are three things the overseas bank should know - the bank’s SWIFT code, your IBAN and BIC. These will help process your transfer as quickly as possible:

  • SWIFT code: quote the Lloyds Bank swift code which is LOYDGB2L (Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland are part of Lloyds Banking Group).
  • IBAN and BIC: quote the IBAN and BIC of the account the money is to be sent to. The IBAN and BIC contain your sort code and account number in a format that is recognised abroad. To find your IBAN and BIC, log in to Internet Banking; select the relevant account from the “My accounts” page, and then click on the ‘Show IBAN / BIC’ link.


IBAN - International Bank Account Number.
- Bank Identifier Code.

The following fees apply when receiving international payments into your account:

Fees for receiving International Payments
 Payments into your account over £100  £7
 Payments into your account for £100 or less  £2

We'll convert the money you've received into pounds sterling on the day we pay it into your account.

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Sending money abroad

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