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If you need to update an account to submit a Product Transfer or Further Advance

This form should only be used if you are trying to submit a Product Transfer or Further Advance application and you have been prompted to complete this request.

If your customer needs to make changes to their account and you are not submitting one of the above applications, then the customer(s) will need to call our Servicing team 0345 3002627.

If you need to move a customer to a single direct debit payment where they currently have multiple payments then please use the form “moving existing account to Single Direct Debit”. Do not complete the request below.

What you need to know

By using this form we will review your customers account.

  • You must have consent from all parties to the mortgage application to submit this request.
  • If your customer has a payment arrangement in place this will be cancelled as part of this review. If the customer wants to continue with a payment arrangement they will need to set this up after the product transfer or further advance has completed.
  • We will write to the customer(s) with the new contractual monthly payment.
  • We will email you within 5 working days of your request.

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