Home insurance eligibility

Throughout this application you will be asked to answer a number of questions and to confirm if certain statements are accurate and complete.

It is important that you consider each question and statement carefully, as failure to take reasonable care to provide accurate and complete replies could invalidate your policy or affect future claims.

Some examples of the eligibility statements that you will be asked to confirm are listed below:

The home to be insured excluding any outbuildings:

  • has external walls which are built of brick, stone or concrete.
  • has a roof which is not covered in any part with thatch or timber tiles.

The home to be insured including any brick, stone or concrete outbuildings:

  • does not currently have any damage which you know is caused by subsidence, or have been advised could be caused by subsidence.
  • If subject to any previous Subsidence damage, has had that damage fully rectified and is no longer required to be monitored.

The home to be insured including any outbuildings:

  • is in a good state of repair.

You or anyone living with you:

  • do not have any criminal convictions (other than motoring offences). Convictions which are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act do not need to be disclosed.

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