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I want to take control of my borrowing

If you hold existing borrowing, either with us or other lenders, keeping track of it all can sometimes be difficult. A personal loan could help make things easier by bringing all your borrowing together with just one interest rate, one fixed monthly repayment and a date when it will all be paid off.

Personal loans for home improvements


If you’re planning to create more space in your home for your growing family or upgrading your kitchen to something more suitable for your needs, a Bank of Scotland personal loan could be a good way of spreading the cost. A loan could also be useful for any essential repairs, like fixing your boiler for example, too.

I’m an existing Bank of Scotland loan customer - can I borrow more?

There are two options available to you.

You can add your additional borrowing onto your existing loan to create a new combined loan, with one monthly repayment. Or you can keep the loans separate by having a new loan running alongside your existing one - so you will have two individual repayments each month.