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By drawing your attention to political, legislative and economic developments, as well as in some cases behavioural activities, that could affect your finances, this section is designed to be a knowledge bank of information. This is a natural extension of the existing relationship model that we believe serves our clients very well.

Falling oil prices and the Scottish economy

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Bank of Scotland Private Banking looks how low oil prices are affecting the Scottish economy.

Investing for your children could potentially benefit all ages

Image of a piggy bank

Have you started saving for your children’s future? Bank of Scotland Private Banking looks at how starting early could potentially benefit the whole family.

Planning for your children's education

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Bank of Scotland Private Banking looks at some of the ways you could best plan for your child’s education.

Approaches to inheritance tax

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Trusts can be a great way of managing your estate. Bank of Scotland’s Wealth of Ideas gives information on trusts that may help protect your money.

Keeping wealth a family affair

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How do you make sure the lion’s share of the assets you work so hard for over a lifetime end up in the hands of your loved ones?

Planning the right exit

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Five strategies for cashing out your investments explained.

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