Lending solutions

Sometimes a new opportunity or a change in your circumstances may mean that you need to raise additional funds.

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Talk to us about how our expert service can help you with your aspirations and goals.

For access to advice from a Private Banking and Advice Manager, you’ll need at least £250,000 in savings, investments and/or personal pensions and/or a sole annual income of at least £250,000.

Before we provide you with any services or products, we will explain and agree with you what advice can be given, the products and services this advice covers and any charges that will apply.

As a Private Banking client, you will have access to our flexible lending solutions that have been designed to help suit your needs.

With the support of our dedicated specialist lending team, we can help you with a range of options to access additional finance - from overdrafts and loans through to selected multi-currency borrowing and specialised finance.

The form of lending that might be right for you depends on whether you are looking to borrow for the short or the long-term. Our lending specialists will take the time to understand your requirements, take into consideration your specific circumstances and discuss which of our solutions, amount and period of borrowing are suitable for you.

To give you an idea of just some of the options available, we can help you with the following services.1

  • Personalised credit lines – for short-term expenses such as buying a car, school fees, tax bills, etc.
  • Bridging finance when you’re moving home.
  • UK mortgages when you’re buying property in the UK.
  • Property development finance, including staggered lending for projects to build your home.
  • Probate loans for paying inheritance tax.
  • Short and long-term loans including larger loans secured on UK property or other assets.
  • Funding for investing in a partnership in a firm.

Some of the services mentioned above are subject to specific conditions and criteria.

General Information about our lending and financing (PDF).