BM Scheme Amendment Form

This form is to be used to enable customers to transact a product transfer or further advance application where customers currently have a BTL flexible mortgage, which is a scheme no longer available.

Customers must be made aware of:

  • By completing this form, the customer(s) will move from a flexible mortgage to a standard mortgage and will lose some of the features of a flexible mortgage, including being able to draw down any advances or apply for a payment holiday.
  • Non BTL mortgage customers are unable to apply for product transfers and are unable to complete this scheme amendment – customers can contact our specialist remortgage team on 0345 608 0263.


Customer details

Please provide the full names of all customers named on the account.


(First and last name)
(First and last name)
(First and last name)
Please use either the 60/ roll number or 14 digit format starting with 6.

Property details

Please provide the address of the mortgaged property.


Your details

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