Our Ready-Made Pension

Our Ready-Made Pension is a smarter and easy way of helping you plan for your retirement.

Built and managed by our expert fund managers, your pension is invested based on your chosen retirement age. If you’re years away from retiring, we invest in a way to give you the best chance of growth. As you near retirement, we move you to lower-risk investments to help protect your pension value.

Top up your pension at any time and track your performance alongside your other accounts using the Mobile Banking app.

Bank of Scotland serves and supports millions of customers across the UK. So, if you’re thinking about your retirement or need a way to save for the future, our Ready-Made Pension can help.

Ready-Made Pension

Why have a Ready-Made Pension?

If you’re consolidating old pensions you no longer pay into, opening a new pension, or if you’re self-employed, our Ready-Made Pension could be right for you.

Do you have one or more pension pots?

Create one, easy-to-manage pot by combining the old pensions that you no longer pay into.

Combine your pensions

Are you new to pensions?

The earlier you save into a pension, the better. A Ready-Made Pension could help get you started.

Ready-Made Pension

Do you want another pension?

Even if you already have a workplace pension, a personal pension may give you better control over your retirement savings. It’s also a way of making the most of your annual allowance.

Ready-Made Pension

Are you self-employed?

If you work for yourself and want to start saving for your retirement, we can support you. 

Self-employed pensions

Why have a pension?

We’ll take you through the basics of pensions, the benefits of saving into one, and help you understand what your retirement could look like.

Pensions explained

We can help you understand pensions better. Find out how they work and why having one could make a difference to your income when you retire.

Pensions explained

Try our calculator

Our pension calculator can give you a guide of what your retirement income could look like. See what happens when you change what you contribute or the age at which you retire.

Our pension calculator

Top tips

Find out more about growing your pension, maximising your contributions, accessing your retirement savings, and other essential tips.

Our top tips

Retirement options

There are several ways that you can access your pension when the time feels right to retire. Our retirement partners, Scottish Widows, are here to help you understand all the available options.

Your retirement options

Are you an existing Ready-Made Pension customer?

Find out how you can make the most of your pension with us.

Top up, transfer in old pensions, track your performance, or access your money when the time is right.

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