Life insurance

What is life insurance?

What is life insurance?

Life Insurance could provide a cash lump sum if you die, helping to ensure your loved ones aren’t left in financial difficulty. It could pay off the mortgage as well as any outstanding loans or bills. This could give you protection and peace of mind, in case the unexpected happens.

To be eligible for Life Insurance you needs to be a UK resident, 18 or over, and under 60.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

You can choose the amount that gets paid out when a claim is made, up to £500,000. Your loved ones could use the money to pay off the mortgage or to keep up with bills and living costs.

Find out how much cover might be right for you.

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Types of life insurance

Find out more about what kind of cover is right for you and your loved ones.

Life cover

Life cover pays out a cash lump sum if you die before your policy ends.

Critical Illness cover

Critical illness cover pays out a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with an illness covered by your policy before it ends. 

Gift card

Protect your loved ones and get a gift card up to £200

Buy a policy online and make three monthly payments. Then you’ll be able to choose a gift card from over 140 retailers.

The value of the gift card you receive will be based on your premium amount.

See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

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Let our experts take care of it

Our life insurance is arranged by Scottish Widows. They are a part of Lloyds Banking Group, like us. Scottish Widows are our life insurance experts, and they have been protecting what matters most for over 200 years.

Scottish Widows are:

  • Reliable - Scottish Widows paid out 98% of claims in 2022. That’s £199m in total.
  • Experienced - Scottish Widows has been protecting customers for over 200 years. So you’re in safe hands.
  • Supportive - Scottish Widows works closely with partners like Macmillan. They help make sure our customers get the right help, at the right time. 

Scottish Widows protection products have no cash in value at any time. So if the policy ends without a claim, you won’t get any money back. If you don’t make payments on time, your cover will stop, your policy will end and you’ll get nothing back.

How much cover do I need?

How much cover do I need?

We’ll help you work out how much cover could be right for you.

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What’s the right time to get life insurance?

The big changes in life can give you a good chance to think about how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the unexpected.

Changing jobs

If your income changes, you might want to think how this could affect the cover you and your loved ones would need.

Having children

When you have a child, getting cover could make sure that they'll be protected if anything happens to you.

Getting a mortgage

If something happens to you, your cover could pay out a cash lump sum to help your loved ones pay off the mortgage.

Getting married

This can be a good time to think about how cover could help to protect your partner in case of the unexpected.

Planning your funeral

We don't like to think about it, but funerals can be expensive. Your cover could help your loved ones with these costs.

Being a carer

There might be others who rely on you or your income. Your cover could protect them too.

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