Credit card cashback offers

Earn cashback on card purchases

You’ll earn cashback on your eligible Bank of Scotland credit card purchases during the offer period, including online, in-store and contactless purchases.

Whether they’re large or small

From larger purchases you’ve been planning for a while, to everyday essentials like shopping and fuel, or just your morning coffee, you might be surprised how fast your cashback adds up.

With no extra effort or fuss

Any cashback you earn will be paid automatically to your credit card account within 30 days of the offer end date, showing as a credit on your monthly statement. It’s as simple as that.

Frequently asked cashback questions

Important to know

  • Cashback is earned on qualifying credit card purchases made by the primary cardholder, or any additional cardholders.
  • To receive cashback, you must stay within your credit limit and make at least your minimum payment on time each month.
  • Any cashback earned will be paid to your credit card account within 30 days of the offer end date.
  • You will not earn cashback on transactions which are not eligible card purchases, such as: balance transfers or money transfers, cash withdrawals, cash transfers or cash transactions including cash equivalent transactions.
  • If you close your account or switch to another card in our range before the end of the promotional period, you will lose any cashback you have previously earned on this offer and no cashback will be applied to your account.
  • To avoid paying interest on purchases you need to pay off your monthly statement balance in full and on time every month, including the value of any transfers, unless a 0% p.a. promotional rate for purchases applies.
  • Cashback offers will not impact your standard terms and conditions or features.

For full offer details, please refer to the email you’ve received from us.