Credit scoring

When you apply for a credit product, such as a mortgage, current account, personal loan or credit card, we use a system called credit scoring as part of the assessment process. Other lenders use this too.

This section gives you an overview of some of the things this involves.

For full details, download our guide - 'Credit Scoring - How we work out whether we can give you credit'. (PDF opens new window, 955kb).

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What is credit scoring?

Information given in your application is given a 'score' and the total score indicates the level of risk involved.

The system helps us ensure all applications are assessed the same way and that we are lending responsibly.

Other factors that may influence the score include how you have managed other Bank of Scotland accounts, plus we will usually contact one or more credit reference agencies. Download our credit scoring guide for full details on what information they hold and how you can find out what personal details they hold on you. You will be able to arrange for any incorrect details to be changed.

What is my credit score?

Scoring details are confidential for security reasons. For example, people could try to make fraudulent applications.

Why did you decline my application?

It doesn't mean we consider you to be a bad payer, just that past experience has suggested that applicants in similar circumstances are more likely to experience payment problems.

You can appeal against the decision, and although we can't guarantee to reverse it, we are happy to review any further supporting information you can provide.

Remember, other lenders have different rules, so your application may not necessarily be declined elsewhere. Although the fact that we have reviewed your file may be recorded by the credit reference agency and this may be taken into account.

Can I re-apply in the future?

Certainly. We recognise that circumstances do change.

For full details on all the above, you can download our credit scoring guide. (PDF opens new window, 955kb).