Joint Accounts

What will you get with a joint account?

  • Both account holders get a contactless VISA debit card
  • Both people can manage the account through Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking app
  • You can apply for a shared, arranged overdraft

How can a joint account help you?

  • Keep track of your shared spending – you can both withdraw, deposit, and make payments
  • Budget together – set yourself a joint budget each month
  • You can open one with a partner, family member, housemate, or friend

Joint accounts: FAQs

  • Two or more parties can open a joint account. If you need an account with more than two people, please go into your nearest branch to discuss your options.


  • You’ll need to visit a branch if you’d like to remove someone from the account in branch. Just make sure any overdraft debt is cleared before you do.


  • We only need an instruction from one of the account holders to close an account. You can close your joint account in branch, over the phone, by post or using the Webchat function in the Mobile Banking App.

    Any Direct Debits or standing orders will need to be moved and you must ensure all overdraft debt is cleared.


  • Yes. You’ll need your debit card or details of the account you wish to switch from, income details, your home address and the details of any arranged overdraft you have on your existing bank account.

    You can switch both sole accounts and joint accounts into a joint account. Ensure your new account is in joint names before completing your switch.

    You can’t switch a joint account into a sole account until the second party has been removed from the account.

    Current Account Switch Guarantee 

Keep in mind

  • Both account holders must be aged 18 or over
  • Student Current Account and Youth accounts cannot be made into joint accounts
  • You can both use the benefits and features that come with the account, without needing the approval of the other person
  • Both people named on the account are individually responsible for the balance of the account, including any debts such as an arranged overdraft
  • Credit reference agencies often create a financial link or association between people who have a joint account which could affect your credit rating

Find the best way to apply for a joint account

Apply online

To open a joint bank account online you must both bank with Bank of Scotland and Log in to Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app.

Log in to apply

Become a customer

To become a Bank of Scotland customer, take a look at our bank account range. Once you’ve opened a sole bank account and you are able to Log in, you can also apply for a joint account.

Compare our bank accounts

Apply in branch

If you are not a Bank of Scotland customer and would only like a joint account or you would like to add a person to an existing bank account please find your nearest branch and book an appointment. You will both need to attend the appointment in branch.

Find your nearest branch