Joint Accounts

What will you get with a joint account?

  • Both account holders get a contactless VISA debit card
  • Both people can manage the account through Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking app
  • You can apply for a shared, arranged overdraft

How can a joint account help you?

  • Keep track of your shared spending – you can both withdraw, deposit, and make payments
  • Budget together – set yourself a joint budget each month
  • You can open one with a partner, family member, housemate, or friend

Joint accounts: FAQs

Keep in mind

  • Both account holders must be aged 18 or over
  • Student Current Account and Youth accounts cannot be made into joint accounts
  • You can both use the benefits and features that come with the account, without needing the approval of the other person
  • Both people named on the account are individually responsible for the balance of the account, including any debts such as an arranged overdraft
  • Credit reference agencies often create a financial link or association between people who have a joint account which could affect your credit rating

Find the best way to apply for a joint account

Apply online

To open a joint bank account online you must both bank with Bank of Scotland and Log in to Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app.

Log in to apply

Become a customer

To become a Bank of Scotland customer, take a look at our bank account range. Once you’ve opened a sole bank account and you are able to Log in, you can also apply for a joint account.

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Apply in branch

If you are not a Bank of Scotland customer and would only like a joint account or you would like to add a person to an existing bank account please find your nearest branch and book an appointment. You will both need to attend the appointment in branch.

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