Regular investment plan

Regular investments could be another way for you to grow your money, without needing a lump sum. Start your plan today and pay no commission on investments.

Why invest regularly?

  • Regular contributions could help you ride out the ups and downs of the market. This is called pound cost averaging.
  • It’s about investing a small amount each month, and it could be a great way of starting if you’re doing it for the first time.
  • Benefit from the power of compounding - saving over the longer term means you can get returns off the money you've made in previous years (especially if you re-invest dividends), accelerating your growth.
  • Invest commission-free - our regular investment service now charges no commission meaning more of your money is invested for your future.

Why not regularly invest with our ETF Quicklist?

Investing regularly in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can help you create a low-cost, diversified investment portfolio. Our ETF Quicklist can help you invest in a particular country or region, or find a new investment theme, such as energy or technology.

ETF Quicklist

Build your investment

Build your investment

Investing in regular instalments can provide some protection if the market suddenly drops. A monthly investment will buy fewer shares or fund units when markets rise and more shares or units when markets fall. In falling markets, that means you can buy more shares at a cheaper price.

Get into good habits

Get into good habits

Regular contributions are a good first-step, helping you make steady progress towards a financial goal. You can choose to invest in assets that provide percentage dividend returns and reinvest them, helping to give your investments the opportunity to work harder for you and compound their potential growth.

Save yourself time

Save yourself time

It’s not easy to read and time the market. If you choose to make regular investments, you will be putting in your money at regular intervals and build for the future rather than spending your time trying to predict how markets could perform, which even professional investors struggle to do.

Keep in mind

This is a medium to longer term investment please review your account on a regular basis to make sure you are achieving your investment goals. In rising markets, you may be worse off than if you had invested a lump sum, as only the invested portion of your money is benefiting from investment growth.


Please remember that the value of all investments can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invest.

Regular investing – how does it work?

Here’s how to get started making regular payments. Once you Log on to Share Dealing or open an account, here’s what you need to do:

Start your Subscription Plan

Start your Subscription Plan

Select ‘Dealing’ on your chosen account, then ‘Regular Investments’, followed by ‘Create subscription plan’. Enter how much you want to transfer, how often, and the date.

Set up your Investment Plan

Set up your Investment Plan

Select 'Create Investment Plan'. Then decide how often, how much, and when you would like to invest your money.

Pick your investments

Pick your investments

Select ‘Add Investments’ and pick the Investment Name or the Company Code of what you would like to buy regularly. Then enter the amount you would like to invest.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Here are the types of assets you can buy with a regular investment plan:

    • UK shares (not international shares) – a part of a company bought and sold on a stock exchange.
    • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) – Packaged investments that track an index, commodity, or even a currency.
    • Funds – Collective investments with money pooled and invested on your behalf.
    • Investment trusts – A group investment for buying shares in a company. They invest in assets on your behalf.

    There are other investments available that aren’t part of our regular investment plans. Read about your other investment options

  • You’re able to sell your investments at any time during market hours. We charge £9.50 online dealing commission per trade. This covers shares, funds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), investments trusts, bonds, and gilts.

Want to learn more about investing?

If you’re new to investing, we can help you understand the basics. See our simple investing guides and articles.

Investing for beginners

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Boost your skills

Investing quick guide (PDF, 748 KB)

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