Budgeting Advice

Tips to put you in control of your money

Use Internet Banking

Keep track of what’s going in and out of your accounts using Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app. They allow you to check your money at any time. There’s even a Spending Insights feature which shows you where your money is going each month. Use this breakdown to understand your spending habits and where you could save money.

Separate your money

Need to buy something but not sure if you’ll have enough left to cover your bills? Consider setting up separate accounts for different types of spending. For example, you could have a ‘bills’ account for everything you know you need to pay in a month and a ‘spending’ account for the rest. While you’re looking at your bills, you might want to check if you could get a better deal from your supplier or someone else. Find out more about how to get your bills under control.

Pay monthly

Break down larger costs into smaller payments to make them easier to manage. You could try paying by Direct Debit every month instead of paying a big bill in one go. It’s a good way of spreading the cost of bills that come around every year, like insurance or your TV licence. Our upcoming payments feature will show you payments due to leave your account in the next 31 days and how much you’ll have in your account until you’re next paid.

Save with offers and deals

Look around and you’ll find offers on everything from your weekly shop to bigger buys. See what discounts you can get on your regular shopping. Cashback schemes can be a good option too as you’ll save as you spend. If you can wait for the sales to start, you could save even more. Remember, there are also benefit schemes that can help you with living costs, like Universal Credit so it’s worth checking if you are entitled to any help.

Looking after your money

Save spare money

Instead of spending any spare money, put it in a savings account. Save a little bit every month and your savings will soon build up. The extra money could come in handy if something unexpected happens or if you need to replace or repair something urgently. Learn more about different ways of saving or see our top tips and tools.

Plan your spending

Planning what you are going to spend is a good way to work out what you really need and what you can afford. You can still put aside some money for things you haven’t planned but you’ll be less likely to overspend overall. Try our budget calculator to help you manage your money.

Useful sites

The sites below offer lots of advice and support to help you cut costs and manage your finances.