Internet Banking is changing

We've been making changes as part of a major investment in our online banking service. We've already built a new site which is more secure and easier to use. As we continue to develop the site, some of the services you're used to may change or be removed. We plan to bring back many of these over the next 18 months along with some new features such as mobile phone banking.

We apologise for any inconvenience these changes may cause and thank you for your patience as we continue to build a better online banking service for the future.

To help guide you through these changes, why don't you take a look at our online demo.

As well as the demo, we've outlined the key changes below. We also have a list of frequently asked questions to help answer any specific queries you have about our new site.

  1. General changes

    Although the site now has a new look, most of your day-to-day online activities are still available. The demo will take you step-by-step through the main changes to our online banking service.

    • We've introduced a 'mini-statement’ for your bank and savings accounts. The mini-statement will show your last six transactions and can be accessed by clicking the 'mini-statement' option from the 'My accounts' page.
    • You can choose how to view transactions for bank and savings accounts - oldest or newest first.
    • So you can see everything at a glance - all of your open bank, savings, loans, mortgage and credit card accounts will be automatically displayed as soon as you sign in. This means that you don't need to select which are displayed on your 'My accounts' page. If there are any accounts which you no longer use, you'll need to close them.
    • We've changed the way you order Travel Money online. Once you've selected the Travel Money link from 'My accounts', you'll need to enter your debit or credit card details to complete your order. Travel Money orders made online can no longer be funded from a savings account although you can still do this at your local branch.
    • We've introduced additional security measures for any sensitive transactions, such as paying bills and changing your personal details. We'll ask you to re-enter your online password when completing these transactions.
    • You can now view your savings interest rates by selecting 'View interest rates and account details’ after clicking on your savings product.
    • Roll numbers for all your bank and savings products have been replaced by sort code and account numbers
    • Beneficiary accounts will show the beneficiary name and also the relationship to the account holder, for example, TTEE D Smith

      • TTEE = Trustee for
      • NOM = Nominee for
      • IN RE = In respect of

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  2. Important information for customers who’ve not signed in for 2 years or more
    • If you’ve not accessed your online banking account for 2 years or more and wish to continue using this service, you need to sign in before July 2011.
    • After this date your online sign in details will no longer work and you’ll need to re-register.
    • If you’ve forgotten your security details you can easily reset them.
    • Please note that your individual accounts will not be affected and you can continue to do your banking over the phone or in branch.
    • Make sure you sign in before July 2011, so you can manage all your day-to-day banking online.
    • If your online access has been suspended and you‘ve not contacted us in the 3 months following suspension to reinstate access, you may need to re-register.

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  3. Banking
    • Most of your day-to-day online activities are still available, such as transferring funds between your accounts, viewing statement information and paying bills.
    • Your paper-free bank statements have been given a brand new look making them simpler to use and access.

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  4. Savings
    • Your paper-free savings statements have also been given a brand new look.
    • You can continue to view your savings accounts online and make transfers between your own Bank of Scotland accounts as usual (with the exception of Bonus Gold and 60 Day Gold accounts. You can still transfers from these accounts in branch).
    • You can no longer make transfers or payments to other Bank of Scotland customers (also known as third party transfers) from some savings accounts. You can still do this from a bank account, Web Saver* or Instant Access Savings account.
    • If you don't have one of the accounts detailed above and would like to make a third party transfer from one of the following savings accounts:
      • Direct ISA
      • ISA Direct Reward
      • Bank of Scotland Premium Savings Direct please contact our savings line on 0800 032 6479 (lines are open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week).
    • Third party transfers from other types of savings account (ISA Saver Variable, Instant Saver, Monthly Saver, Guaranteed Saver, Saver Reward and Liquid Gold) can still be done in branch.

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  5. Credit cards

    All your recent transactions and information about your next payment date and amount due are available online. You can also continue to transfer a balance from another credit card provider or store card into your Bank of Scotland credit card.

    • Requesting a PIN reminder, changing your credit limit, creating, amending or cancelling a Direct Debit payment for your credit card will no longer be available online. For help with credit card servicing, please call 0800 032 6411. Our lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • You can no longer make an online payment to your credit card using your debit card. However, if you have a Bank of Scotland bank account, a Web Saver or Instant Access Savings account, you’ll be able to make an online payment by setting up a payment from your account. Information on alternative ways to pay can be found on the back of your credit card statement and also under the 'Manage account' tab on the new site.

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  6. Investments

    You can no longer top up, view or manage your investment accounts online.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We plan to bring back an online investment service by April 2012 and, over the coming months we’ll introduce new services such as mobile phone banking.

    Until then, you’ll still be able to manage all of your investments over the phone.

    • To top up your ISA Investor call our dedicated team on 0800 011 3632. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm.
    • For information about any of your other investments, please contact us.
    • Go to book an appointment with a financial adviser for a full financial review.

    We'll continue to send your statements by post so you can keep track of your investments.

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  7. Paper-free service
    • We've changed the way your bank and savings statements look online, making them simpler to use and access.
    • We no longer send email alerts when your bank or savings statements are available (but if something needs a response from you, we'll let you know by post with the same amount of notice as before).
    • We've removed the paper-free service for some types of documents. Over the next 18 months, we plan to bring back many of these services along with enhancements including a new mobile phone banking service. This means:

      • Credit card bills are now sent by post instead of online
      • All bank account letters are now sent through the post
      • You can no longer view your old credit card bills and letters about your bank account online.
      • You can request paper copies of your old credit card bills by contacting us on 08457 29 39 49. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      • You'll still be able to view your credit card transactions for the last three months' online and we’ll continue to send your monthly bills and any bank account letters by post. If you have a bank or savings account you can view all your transactions for the past two years online so you can keep track of your spending.
      • We will send you a letter by post if you incur debit interest or fees on your account. This letter will contain information about forthcoming fees, what they relate to and the period over which they've been incurred. This letter replaces the information previously available on your paper-free bank statement.

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