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Earn money back

Everyday Offers lets you earn up to 15% cashback using offers which you can activate within Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Better still, you can activate It's On Us which will enter you into a monthly free draw where you could win back the value for something you've bought using your Bank of Scotland branded debit or credit card up to the value of £500.

To use Everyday Offers you need to be over 18, have a Bank of Scotland branded personal current account, a Bank of Scotland branded debit and/or credit card and be registered for Internet Banking. To enter the It's On Us free draw, you will need to be registered for Everyday Offers for up to one week and to have activated the It's On Us offer.

Click - view and activate an offer

The Click section in the Your Offers tab of the Everyday Offers homepage shows your offers with the most recent at the top. We match offers to your Bank of Scotland branded debit or credit card spending so offers will be based on the types of places you shop with these cards.

Hovering your mouse over an offer reveals more detail about it. You can then click to activate if you want to use it. The offer will then move into the Shop area.

It’s On Us

You will also be able to activate the It’s On Us offer when it appears.

Clicking to activate this offer and accept the terms and conditions will give you the chance to enjoy one of your purchases on us. Every month, we will pay back hundreds of our customers for something they’ve purchased up the value of £500 with their Bank of Scotland branded debit or credit card.

It’s our way of saying thank you. What’s more, if the transaction is for under £5, we’ll round it up to £5.

Shop - use an offer

Once you have activated an offer, it will move into the Shop area of the Everyday Offers homepage. You can then use the offer by shopping with your Bank of Scotland branded debit or credit card at the retailer within the terms of the offer. There are no codes or vouchers to print.

Please note that offers will expire, so please make sure you make your purchase before the expiry date of the offer.

You will be able to view your cashback 3-5 working days after making a qualifying purchase and it will be paid into your current account at the end of the following month.

Enjoy - see money you have earned

The Enjoy section of the Everyday Offers homepage shows you the total amount of cashback you’ve earned. A more detailed breakdown of the cashback you’ve earned can be found in the Earnings tab, showing:

  • Total cashback earned
  • Cashback earned in the last 3 months
  • Any cashback that is yet to be paid
  • Individual cashback transactions, including the amount spent and cashback earned
  • It’s On Us - where we’re paying you back for something you’ve recently bought.

Cashback will be shown as to be paid until it is paid into your account at the end of the following month from when the qualifying purchase was made. For example, if you made a purchase in October, the cashback will be paid into your account at the end of November.

Switch on and manage Everyday Offers

Switch on Everyday Offers

Switching on Everyday Offers is easy if you’re eligible, simply sign into Internet Banking and choose Everyday Offers from your account homepage. You'll then need to confirm that you want to add Everyday Offers to your account, If you're not eligible to join, you'll be told why.

Debit and credit cards which allow you to earn cashback

The accounts you have with valid cards for Everyday Offers will be displayed on the Preferences tab of the Everyday Offers homepage.

Change the account we pay your cashback into

The account that your cashback is paid into at the end of every month can be changed from the Preferences tab of the Everyday Offers homepage, clicking Change account and selecting the account you want to have your cashback paid into. The account must be a Bank of Scotland current account.

Switch off Everyday Offers

You can switch off Everyday Offers at any time from the Preferences tab of the Everyday Offers homepage, selecting Switch off Everyday Offers and then confirming your decision.

Please note that you will no longer receive offers (including It’s On Us offers, meaning you’ll no longer have the chance to receive a purchase on us) or receive cashback that hasn’t been paid into your account by the time you switch off Everyday Offers. You can switch Everyday Offers on again at any time.

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