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How do I see live quotes on trades?

When you are signed in to your account live share prices are available within the dealing tab on the right hand navigation. Select the investment and number of units then select continue. This screen will provide you with the latest price.

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Can’t see the live price?

If you cannot see a live quote this may be due to one of the reasons below:

  1. The trade is too large for current market appetite e.g. there is nobody prepared to offer a live price to buy or sell your shares due to the size of the order.
  2. The stock may have little or no liquidity: The stock may only trade in small quantities or very infrequently so a live quote may not be offered.
  3. The stock is in auction: Volatile stocks can go to auction on the market, meaning that internal market counterparties (buyers) bid against one another for the stock with the aim to stabilise the price. During this time, no trades can be placed and you'll need to wait for the stock to come out of auction before placing another order.

    If a live price is unavailable you can continue to try for a live quote, place your order through our TradePlan service.

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When can money be withdrawn from my trade?

On the day of settlement the money from a sale will be available for you to withdraw.

The majority of UK, US and European trades take two working days to settle. The settlement period gives time for the delivery of the stock and cash as well as time for any other trade administration to be completed. Your trade confirmation will confirm the trade’s settlement date.

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What is a delayed order?

When the market has closed you can still place an order which is dealt with when the market re-opens. The price on these orders is not a guaranteed price and the order will be dealt in fair and due turn at the best price available for an order of that size.

To protect the price of your order you can set up a TradePlan, this completes your trade when the price hits a pre-set limit. For example, if you want to buy a stock at 98p, and the price is currently higher than 98p, you could set up a limit order which would only deal when the stock falls to 98p.

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When will I be able to view my fund trade?

Funds are traded in a different way to shares. Funds are usually priced once a day at a time called the valuation point. The price per unit for the fund is set by the valuation of the assets. For most funds, placing your order before 11.15 am will mean the trade will be priced at 12 noon. Any order placed after 11.15 am would not be priced until the following working day at 12 noon. The completed trade can take a two or three days to show within your account.

When you place a buy order for a fund you can only set an amount you wish to invest. The Fund Manager receives your order at the next valuation point and will invest your money at the new fund price (the future price). Your order is then allocated to your account within a couple of days.

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Investing in IPOs and share offerings

  • An ‘Initial Public Offering’ (IPO) allows you to buy shares in companies for a set price before they list on the stock market.
  • Share offerings are another way for companies to raise money, companies will offer additional shares for a set price to potential investors.

How to get involved in IPOs and share offerings:

We offer the option to invest in both options with PrimaryBid. Simply click on the link below, create an account and follow the instructions on how to invest.

Invest in IPOs

When you make a decision to buy shares on the ‘PrimaryBid’ website or app you’ll be able to select us as your broker. ‘PrimaryBid’ will then confirm your details with us and arrange to transfer the shares, we’ll then place your new shares into your account.

Important details:

  • Shares can only be transferred into your own Share Dealing Account, and not into an ISA, SIPP or joint account.
  • Once your PrimaryBid application has been completed and is successful, we’ll work with them to transfer any new shares into your account held with us.
  • We’ll aim to get shares into your account as soon as possible, however in some instances it can take up to 3 working days.
  • You will not be able to sell your shares until the transfer process has been completed. If you’re looking to sell your shares as soon as trading commences following an IPO or share offering this is not possible with our service and you should consider alternative options.

In some limited cases, transfers may not possible due to the shares not being available on our platform. This is usually because they don't meet our risk policy, but PrimaryBid will inform you if this is the case.

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Our trading tools

  • Shares Centre – For finding and researching UK and international investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Investment Trusts and more.
  • Funds Centre – For finding and researching funds to invest in.
  • Boost Your Skills – If you’re new to investing and want a little guidance and to learn the basics.
  • Market News – Find out what is happening on the market or if your investments made the news.
  • TradePlans – Automated trading tools to help you manage investment decisions.
  • Investor Meet CompanyInvestor Meet Company is a free and independent service which allows you to feel more involved in the businesses you invest in. You can interact with their management, watch live presentations, access results and more, regardless of the number of shares you own.

Please note, Investor Meet Company is a third party service so we recommend using a strong, and different password to your other online services.

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