Transfer your pensions

Do you have more than one pension? Transferring them into a single pension can make it easier to plan for your retirement.

Why should you transfer your pensions?

If you’ve had a few employers over the years, it can be tricky to keep track of your pensions. Bringing them into one place makes things easier.

  •  It could save you money
    By transferring to one plan, you may be able to reduce the charges that you pay.
  •  It’s easy to keep track
    With just one pension to keep track of, it’s easy to stay on top of your retirement savings.
  • Helps you plan for the future
    You can check how much your pension’s worth at a glance in Internet Banking. So it’s easy to see if you’re on course for the retirement you want.
Transfer your pension

How do Pension transfers work?

You can transfer into your Scottish Widows pension if you have one. Or you can open a new Retirement Account with them when you apply.

1. We're here to help

We'll take you through what you need to know, so you can decide whether pension transfer is right for you.

2. Apply online

It's easy to apply online. Just give us a few details about you and the pensions you'd like to transfer.

3. Leave the rest to us

It should only take about four weeks. Scottish Widows will update you along the way.

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Tools and resources

Retirement planning

Access information to help plan your retirement

Handy tools

If you’re approaching retirement, review your pension options with our pensions provider Scottish Widows and see how you could benefit

Pensions transfer

If you have more than one pension pot you could combine them into one plan to make them easier to manage

Wealth management

If you feel you’d benefit from our Schroders Personal Wealth, Wealth Management service to plan for your retirement, please see how we can help.

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Looking for helpful money advice?

Visit the Money Advice Service website for more information. You might want to talk to a financial adviser. Find one near you

The Government are offering free guidance on your options online, by phone or face to face from Pension Wise.

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