We are experiencing a high number of calls at the moment. So that we can support those in the most vulnerable situations please only call if it is urgent. Remember, you can do most of your banking tasks yourself online, either using our app or through Internet Banking.

Updating your phone contact details online

It's important that you keep your phone details up-to-date

To protect your online security we may call you to confirm your account activity is genuine. If we can’t get in touch with you we might not be able to process your requests. It’s therefore essential that we have your most up-to-date phone numbers.

Please take a few moments to confirm that your phone numbers are correct:

  1. Log in to Internet Banking
  2. Select ‘Your profile’ from the menu.
  3. Check your phone numbers under the ‘Your personal details’ section.

If your details are incorrect, select ‘Change your contact details’ and follow the on screen instructions.

Please provide as many numbers as possible as it is important that we are able to contact you.

Learn about how we protect your online security

  • 1.
    What happens if I don't supply my phone numbers?

    If you do not supply us with a number you may be unable to use parts of the online service such as setting up new recipients.

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    How do I update my details?

    Log in to Internet Banking , select ‘Your profile' from the menu bar at the top of the page and choose ‘Change my details’.

    You will then be able to give us up to three different phone numbers. If you have provided a mobile number, a confirmation text message will be sent to you after you have updated them.

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  • 3.
    If I update my phone number online will I be able to use this number immediately?

    For security reasons, we're only able to call you on numbers we already hold. New phone numbers entered will take two days to become active. If we don't hold any other numbers for you that you can use, you'll be directed to our phone support team who'll be able to assist you.

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  • 4.
    Can I provide an international number?

    If you have an international phone, you'll need to:

    • Give the International access code for the UK - this is '00'
    • Give the country code for the country you live or work in e.g. for Spain this is '34'
    • Give the area code for a landline (if there is one)
    • Finally, give your phone number (a mobile in Spain would look like '00 34 123456789')

    If you have a UK mobile, please check with your service provider that your phone will work and that your network can receive calls overseas.

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  • 5.
    What do I do if my number changes?

    You can update your phone numbers, and add new ones online, by selecting 'Change details' from the 'Your accounts' page (see "How do I update my details" above). If you have provided a mobile number, a confirmation text message will be sent to you after you have updated them.

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