Everyday Offers

Earn cashback using Everyday Offers. Enter It's on Us for a chance to win £500.


on the offers you want to activate for use on your next purchase.


with either your Bank of Scotland debit card, credit card (if you are the main card holder) or set up a Direct Debit, in line with the offer conditions.


the money you have earned, which is paid into your account at the end of the following month for card transactions, or the month after your second Direct Debit payment has been collected.

It’s On Us gives you a chance to win £500

Every month we say thank you to 500 customers for using their debit or credit card. You could back get up to £500 for something you’ve already bought.

For a chance to win you need to:

  • Register for Everyday Offers, and
  • Sign up for It’s on Us

Frequently asked questions

To get Everyday Offers you need:

  • To be aged 18 or over
  • A Bank of Scotland current account
  • A Bank of Scotland debit and/or credit card
  • To be registered for Internet Banking

Cashback can be earned on debit and credit card spending along with Direct Debit offers.

Only primary credit card holders receive cashback.

Spending by additional credit card holders will count towards cashback and generate new offers.

To get cashback you need to stay registered and keep your account open.

Cashback payments will be sent to your oldest current account unless you tell us otherwise.

Retailer offers are activated through Bank of Scotland Internet Banking.

Retailer offers and cashback amounts vary.

Offers can be withdrawn or corrected due to errors. This won't change any activated offers.

Cashback is earned on your next purchase after activation.

To enter ‘It’s On Us’ you need to be registered for Everyday Offers for at least one week and to activate the ‘It’s On Us’ offer.

It’s on Us excludes residents of Northern Ireland.