View your transactions online

With Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking app, you can find out so much more about your account than how much you’ve spent.

Get the full picture

You can see recent transactions as well as older statements in Internet Banking or in our mobile app. 

When you're logged in, choose the account you want to look at. From there you can:

  • Select ‘View statement'. This will show your current balance, available funds and transaction history.
  • Choose a transaction to find out more about it. You can view where, how and when it was made. 
  • See pending card transactions and paid-in cheques which are still being processed. 
  • Search for past transactions. In our mobile app, this is only available for current accounts.
  • View, save and print a copy of your statement in PDF format. 

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Statement improvements

We've made it easier to stay on top of your money. Find out about the latest features we've added to help you keep track of your spending.

View more details

It’s easy to forget what you've spent and where. If you aren't sure about any transaction on your account, you can select it to find out more about it. We'll show you details like the retailer name, location and how you made the payment.

If you still don't recognise it or need more support, just select 'I need more help to identify a transaction’.

Image showing how to view your Internet banking transactions

Get a clear picture of your balance

Life is full of surprises, but how much is coming out of your account shouldn’t be one of them.

To keep on top of things, check ‘View pending transactions’ in Internet Banking or our mobile app. You'll be able to see any paid-in cheques which are yet to clear, as well as most pending card purchases. Some contactless payments will also show here, though most won't. Instead they'll be added to your statement in a few days.

Choose ‘View upcoming payments’ to see other kinds of payments we expect to come out of your balance soon. These will include Direct Debits, standing orders, and recurring card payments. 

Image showing how to view your pending Internet banking transactions

Search your transaction history

If you are looking for a specific transaction, you can use our handy search tool. You can search by date, description or the type of transaction. The tool will even make suggestions as you type. 

You could go paper-free

The last thing you want to face after a long day is a pile of post. So now your online statement does so much more, why not lighten the load and keep your statements online? This service is available for most credit cards, personal loans, current accounts and savings accounts.

It’s simple to go paper-free, and you can switch back at any time.

Get copies of your statements

Even if you aren't paper-free you can save your transaction history. To do this in Internet Banking, go to the ‘Statement Options’ menu on your account page. You'll be able to go back up to seven years. 

You can also use the same menu to order a paper copy of your statement to be sent through the post.

To do this in our app, go to your account menu. Then choose ‘Download transactions’ or ‘Order paper statements’. You can save transactions from as far back as when you opened the account.

Image showing how to search your Internet banking transactions