Privacy explained

Changes to privacy laws give you greater rights and stronger protection.

On these pages, we highlight the main points and explain them in simple terms. To do that we’ve provided short articles that point out some of the issues that affect you, or could be a concern. You’ll also find our full Privacy Notice, which includes details of how to contact us about the personal information we hold for you.

Your rights over personal information held by us

The Privacy Notice sets out how we protect your privacy as required by law. It explains in detail:

  • what personal information we have and how we get it
  • how we can and can’t use it and
  • who we can share it with

Read Privacy Notice

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Privacy issues and how they might affect you

What is personal information?

This may seem to be a simple question, but personal information includes more than many realise. Discover what the law says.

What personal information do we have?

You have the right to know what personal data we hold about you and finding out is easier than you might think. It’s free of charge too. See how to get a copy of your data.

Decisions we make using your data

Machines now make decisions that were once taken by people, some with a direct result for your finances. Find out about your say over automated decisions that affect you in this way.

What we do to protect your rights

If privacy rules are broken and your personal information is affected, we’ll act immediately. Here we explain what must happen if there’s a breach of privacy laws.

Asking for your consent – a bigger say for customers

It can be difficult to remember what you’ve consented to. Find out more about the consents you give and the marketing you can expect to receive.

Data must not be kept longer than needed

You may have given your personal information to a bank but that doesn’t mean it can hold it forever. Here we explain how rules on data retention and what some call your ‘right to be forgotten’ apply to banks.