Frequently asked questions

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    What is Touch ID?

    What is Touch ID? Touch ID is Apple’s biometric fingerprint reader that makes it easy for you to authenticate. We’ve now integrated Touch ID into the app, so if you have a compatible iPhone, you can now use Touch ID to log in.

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    Is Touch ID secure?

    Yes, it’s very secure. However, if you choose to use it, this will mean that anyone whose fingerprint has been added to you device can then log in. If more than one person uses Touch ID on your device, you should choose not to use Touch ID for the Bank of Scotland Mobile Banking app. You can do this by pressing the Menu button at the top and selecting “Touch ID” from the Global Menu underneath “Help & Settings”. On the following page next to the option “Log in with your fingerprints instead of you Memorable Information”, swipe the slider to the left.

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    If I use Touch ID to log in, will I still need to remember my Internet Banking password or Express L

    Yes, it’s important that you don’t forget your Internet Banking password and memorable information. There may be times when Touch ID is unable to properly read your fingerprint – for example if your finger is wet – and after three unsuccessful attempts, you’ll instead need to use Express Login – which is a combination of three characters from your Memorable Information. You’ll still be prompted to enter your Internet Banking password from time to time, including whenever you set up new payments.

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    Do I have to use Touch ID?

    No, if you’d prefer not to use Touch ID to log into the app on an iPhone, you can select not to by pressing the Menu button at the top and selecting “Touch ID” from the Global Menu underneath “Help & Settings”. On the following page next to the option “Log in with your fingerprints instead of your Memorable Information”, swipe the slider to the left. You’ll instead be able to log in using Express Login. If you have an older iPhone, or an Android mobile, it’s not possible to use Touch ID.

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    What if I can’t log in using Touch ID? Can I still log in to the app?

    There may be times when Touch ID is unable to properly read your fingerprint – for example if your finger is wet – and after three unsuccessful attempts, you’ll be prompted instead to use Express Login.

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    How long does it take to get started with Mobile Banking?

    To begin Mobile Banking all you have to do is register your device with the app and complete the phone authentication process. If you have a valid phone number registered with us, you'll be able to start Mobile Banking straight away.

    If you don't have a valid phone number registered with us, you'll need to request a One Time Password during the registration process, which should arrive within 7 days.

    Alternatively, you can register your phone number in one of our branches or via Internet Banking. For your security, you may not be able to use your new numbers immediately.

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    How do I access Mobile Banking if I don’t have the app?

    If you’re registered for Internet Banking you can sign in simply and securely via your mobile browser.

    1. Sign in
    2. Register
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    Is Mobile Banking free?

    We don't charge you for Mobile Banking but your network operator may charge for certain services (such as downloading or using the app) so please check with them.

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    Why might the app ask for my username and password instead of Express Login?

    Occasionally we may need to temporarily disable Express Log in. In this instance you'll be asked to log in with your username, password and memorable information to access your accounts until Express Log in is re-activated.

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    What do I need to register with Mobile Banking?

    To register with Mobile Banking you will need your Internet Banking username and password. If you are not already an Internet Banking customer, you can register on the desktop or mobile site. You'll also need to have at least one phone number registered with us so that we can contact you to get started.

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    Why do I need to register my device?

    You need to register your device to use this Mobile Banking app. This creates a unique association between us, your Internet Banking profile and your mobile. This means that only you will be able to use the app on your device to log on. You only need to do this once for each device, then you can log on easily and securely on the move.

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    Do I need to register for Mobile Banking?

    You must be an Internet Banking customer to use our mobile app. Just log on with your usual details and follow the on-screen instructions to register your phone. You'll then be able to access Mobile Banking with Express Log on. If you're not fully registered for Internet Banking, you'll need to do so on our mobile or desktop site before you can use the app.

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    Can I use Mobile Banking on a work mobile with restricted Internet access?

    No. You need full internet access on your mobile phone to use Mobile Banking.

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    What should I do if I forget my logon details?

    If you've forgotten your Internet Banking password or memorable information, don’t worry, you can reset it on our website. Select 'forgotten your password’ or ‘forgotten your username’ on the login screen and follow the security steps to verify your identity and reset your details.

    You can also reset your Internet Banking password through the app’s Settings menu. Select ‘Forgotten your password?‘ and follow the security steps to reset your password.

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    If I lose my mobile phone, could someone access my account?

    If you lose your mobile phone, please contact us on +44 1733 232 030, so we can de-register your device. This will ensure that even if someone managed to obtain your Express Log on details they wouldn't be able to access your accounts via the app.

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    Is it safe to do my banking on a mobile device?

    Yes, the app uses industry-standard encryption (Secure Socket Layer- SSL), just like a computer's Internet browser. You can also help keep your account safer by being careful when you enter your banking details in public. Never log on to your account from links in email or text messages.

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    What is a certificate?

    Site certificates form an essential part of providing reassurance that the site you are visiting is genuine. A site certificate shows you that a secure connection has been established and secure communication can take place. It will also demonstrate that you are not being tricked to enter your details on a fraudulent website.

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  • 18.
    What does auto log off mean?

    This is a 'timeout' feature that stops you from accidentally leaving your bank account open on your mobile phone. You'll be logged off automatically after a period of inactivity during your current Mobile Banking session. You can select how long this is in Settings.

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  • 19.
    What are pending transactions?

    Pending debit card transactions are transactions that have been authorised for payment, but which haven’t been taken from your account balance. Pending paid-in cheques are cheques which have been received by us but which are not yet available to spend.

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    Can I use the same password and memorable information that I use on my computer?

    Yes. Your user ID, password and memorable information are the same whether you use a desktop computer or mobile device to access your accounts online.

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  • 21.
    Why are old versions of the app not supported?

    We continuously add enhancements and new functionality to Mobile Banking, and our latest apps are even better than before. We want to ensure that all our customers can experience the full benefits of these upgrades and have taken the decision to stop supporting older versions of the app.

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    Can I let you know if I’m planning to travel abroad?

    Yes, you can do that with the app. In Settings, tap the ‘Going abroad? Tell us’ button and follow the steps to record your plans from there. Telling us you’re going away decreases the possibility of your cards being declined. We do everything possible to make sure you can use your cards abroad, but circumstances out of our control may prevent this.

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  • 23.
    How quickly will my travel plans be added to your system?

    If you tell us your plans with the app, we aim to have the details on our systems within 2 hours.

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    Can I manage my Direct Debits and Standing Orders with the app?

    Yes, you can manage your Standing Orders or Direct Debits by clicking the account action button (the 3 dotted icon) for your chosen account and then select either ‘View standing orders’ or ‘View Direct Debits’ from the list.

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  • 25.
    How far back can I view transactions on my accounts via the app?

    You can quickly and easily look through several years of both current and savings accounts transactions.

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  • 26.
    Can I do my Business Banking through the app?

    There is a separate Bank of Scotland Business Mobile Banking app. Download it from your Apple App Store or Google Play account, and you can run it in on the same device in parallel with our app for personal accounts.

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    Why can't I use the app on a jailbroken device?

    “Jailbreaking" or "rooting" means removing safeguards from a device, so a wider range of apps can be installed - including unofficial ones. This can impact a device's security features, leaving it more vulnerable to fraudulent attacks. To keep your personal information safe and secure, the app is designed not to work on jailbroken/rooted devices. You will still be able to access Internet Banking through your web browser.

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  • 28.
    How do I update the mobile phone number registered to my account before using the new app?

    How do I update the mobile phone number registered to my account before using the new app?

    After logging in through your mobile browser, log in and select "Change Details" at the bottom of the Accounts Overview page. Then select "Change your mobile number" on the screen. To confirm the change, you'll need to enter your password.

    You can also do this from the "Change Details" option at the top of your Internet Banking Account Overview.

    For security purposes, you may not be able to use your new number immediately. In the meantime you can continue to use the website from your browser.

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    What happens if I change my device?

    You should reset the app via App settings on your existing device in order to de-register your device. Then just download the app on your new device and follow the steps to register. You will need a device running iOS or Android – check the App Store or Google Play for more details.

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  • 30.
    Does the app support accessibility features?

    Yes. The app is compatible with standard device screen readers to help you use Internet Banking if you are sight-impaired. To use a screen reader, you'll need to enable the accessibility options in your device settings.

    The app has been fully accessibility tested (in line with WCAG 2.0 and respective native tablet application guidelines, and BS8878: 2010 Web Accessibility Code of Practice) and is accredited by DAC (Digital Accessibility Centre). User testing was carried out by individuals who are visually, mobility or hearing impaired, or who are dyslexic or have a learning disability.

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Getting started

To use a Bank of Scotland app, you need to be registered for Internet Banking.


If you're already registered for Internet Banking, you can use the same login details for the Mobile Banking apps.

Download one of the apps, or go to on your device browser. Then log in.