Dexterity and mobility impairment

If you have difficulty using your hands, signing your name or pressing a keypad, there are practical ways we can help. Here are some of the things we have to assist you with day to day banking:


If you find walking difficult, or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, we'll assist you as much as we can. Many of our branches have easy ways to get in and out, and to help you move around inside, such as:

  • Step-free access
  • Level or ramped entrances
  • Automated doors.

In some branches there are service bells, so you can let one of us know if you want someone to come to you. The bells are placed so they can be found easily, and set at a good height for wheelchair users.

Not all branches have the same facilities. This is often because the type and layout of the building or where it is. We are always looking at factors like this and how it can affect customers.

Other ways we can help

  • Clipboard for signing documents
  • Low-level or sliding counters
  • Walking-stick holders at our counters
  • Interview rooms with wheelchair access
  • Seating areas
  • Lifts
  • Low-level Cashpoint® machines
  • Helpful staff - please just say.
You can now also indicate your support options via the ‘Your profile’ menu in our Internet Banking or Mobile Banking app.

Find out more from any branch

Give any branch a call and they’ll be able to tell you about their facilities and ease of access. Use the Branch Finder on our website to get contact details.

Still got questions?

I have trouble signing my name. How can I authorise transactions on my account?
We can accept any signature that you give us, as long as one of our branch colleagues can witness it. Or we can provide your own signature stamp for you. We can also give you a cheque book template to help you fill in the details, including your signature.

If you can't provide a signature, we can supply you with an ID verification letter. This allows you to use a debit or credit card without a PIN or signature. Contact your branch or call card services to find out if you are eligible.

Our promise

Our promise is to do our best to resolve any problems you have. If you wish to complain visit your local branch or call 0800 072 8668 or +44 0131 278 3729.