Our Charitable Foundation

Supporting disadvantaged people during key transitions in their lives.

Helping Communities Prosper

We have supported millions of people through the funding of our independent charitable Foundations. Over £600m has been donated to charities across the UK in the last 30 years.

As part of our Helping Britain Prosper Plan (PDF, 107kb), in 2014, we committed to invest a further £100m by 2020 to support an additional 10,000 charities.

The Bank of Scotland Foundation

Since 2010, the Bank of Scotland Foundation has donated over £10 million to 1,200 charities to develop and improve communities and increase financial literacy and financial inclusion across Scotland, enabling over 500,000 people to benefit from a variety of much needed local services and personal support.

The various grants programmes of the Bank of Scotland Foundation provided £1,426,180 to 118 charities during 2016. These charities aim to positively affect over 75,000 people, addressing areas such as mental health, isolation, debt management and job creation. Beyond funding alone, there is a recognition that there is an opportunity to provide more support for Scotland’s charities. From January 2017, the Foundaton have engaged with our colleagues in Scotland, aligning skills-based volunteering and mentoring with Foundation funded charities.