Update your name

If you change your name, you need to visit us in branch or write to us.

In branch

You will need to provide your original name-change documentation (see below). You will also need to produce one government issued document and one additional supporting document to confirm your details. Please refer to the personal information and your identity leaflet (PDF, 1MB) for details of which documents are acceptable.

Find your nearest branch

Write to us

You will need to write to us giving details of the changes required and sign the request with your old and new signatures. You must also provide your original name change documentation as evidence of the change. Details of acceptable evidence can be found below.

Bank of Scotland
PO Box 23581
EH1 1WH.

Acceptable Evidence of a Change of Name

For Divorce situations:

Divorce Papers or Decree Absolute and a Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate or copy of entry in the Register of Corrections (Scotland only)/Deed Poll (rest of the UK)

For other situations:

  • English language Marriage Certificate
  • Statutory Declaration, which has been sworn or notarised by someone empowered to take oaths, usually a solicitor
  • Copy of entry in the Register of Corrections (Scotland only)
  • Deed Poll (rest of the UK) – screen prints of Internet Deed Poll applications are not acceptable
  • Amended Birth Certificate
  • Equity Card
  • Civil Partnership Registration Document, either issued in the UK or registered overseas
  • Dissolved Civil Partnership Papers
  • Evidence of a bestowed or hereditary title (e.g. Lord), an award (e.g. MBE) or a qualification (e.g. PhD). We only recognise official titles, bestowed by the state or inherited in the traditional way. Titles which have been purchased cannot be recorded on our systems.

You can change your surname to be double barrelled by providing an original copy of your Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Registration Document as long as the names to be used are those quoted on the Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Registration Document.