Gifting shares to charity

If you’d like to gift shares up to the value of £250 to charity you can do so using our online form.

Please note: charitable donations may have tax implications for some customers. If you’re unsure then please seek professional tax advice.

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ShareGift specialises in releasing value from small shareholdings, generating a multi-million pound stream of funding for thousands of charities.

ShareGift, The Orr Mackintosh Foundation Limited. Registered office: 4th Floor Rear, 67/68 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6NY. Registered Charity no. 1052686.

You can use this form to gift shares if:

  1. You have a sole account;
  2. You have a single nationality; and,
  3. You wish to keep your account open.
This should match your passport
This is the national identifier which matches your nationality. For example, for the UK it would be National Insurance (NI) number.
Please enter your mobile phone number. If you don’t have a mobile then please use your landline number.
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