Putting a plan in place to make sure you own your home

By the time your mortgage ends, you’ll need to repay the full interest only balance.

If you don’t know how you’ll repay it, or don’t think your plans will provide enough – call us today and we’ll help you understand your options.

From using investments to making overpayments, there are many different ways you can repay your mortgage. 

Common repayment plans

Be prepared for when your mortgage ends:

Don’t leave it too late – The end of your mortgage may seem a long way off, but the sooner you act, the more options you’ll have to choose from. You may even pay less interest.

By acting now By leaving it until later
You may have more options to choose from. You might have to cash in investments quickly.
If you switch to a repayment mortgage, the increase in your monthly payment may be smaller. You might not have the option to switch to a repayment mortgage as the increase in your monthly payments may not be affordable.
If you start making overpayments earlier, these overpayments can be smaller. You might not be able to afford to make enough overpayments to clear your interest only balance before the end of the mortgage term.
If you’re selling your home, you’ll have longer to prepare for the sale.  
You might have no choice but to sell your home.

Every day we help customers who need to put plans in place. Even if you’re approaching the end of your mortgage, it’s never too late. You can also ask us to talk to a friend or family member you trust.

Understand how much and when you need to repay

Make sure your chosen plans will provide enough and importantly that you’ll be able to get the money when you need it. If you’re registered for Internet Banking you can see your mortgage account balance and statements online. Your balance will also be on the statements and letters we send you. Or you can call us and ask.

Put a plan in place that’s right for you

All you need to do now is let us know your plan and keep us updated if anything changes.

Tell us your plans

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