Bank of England Bank Rate - useful information

Bank of England rate change announcement

Following the Monetary Policy Committee meeting on 2 November 2023, the Bank of England has announced no change to the Bank Rate. It stays at 5.25%.

We’re not making any changes to our lender variable rates, at the moment:

  • Bank of Scotland Home Loan Rate stays at 9.7%.

Our tracker mortgages, which link directly to the Bank of England Bank Rate, will also not change.

Use our rate change calculator to get an idea of how much your monthly mortgage payment might change, if your rate changes in the future.

Find out more about the Bank of England Bank Rate and your mortgage.

Existing Halifax Mortgage Customers

If you are a Bank of Scotland customer with a Halifax mortgage you can find further details about how the Bank of England rate change affects you on the Halifax website.

Existing Halifax Mortgage Customers