Bank of England Base rate - useful information

On Thursday 19th March a further decrease in the Bank of England base rate was announced, moving it from 0.25% down to a record low of 0.1%. This follows the previous reduction announced on Wednesday 11th March.

As a result, our variable rates will be changed in-line with these decreases.

With effect from 1 April 2020:

  • Bank of Scotland Home Loan Rate currently at 5.2% will decrease down to 4.7%
With effect from 1 May 2020:
  • Bank of Scotland Home Loan Rate will further decrease to 4.55%

If your mortgage is affected by either or both of these changes, we’ll write to you and confirm your new monthly payment before it is due.

Use our Rate Change Calculator to get an idea of how much a monthly mortgage payment might change by, following a Bank of England Base Rate change.

Find out more about the Bank of England base rate and your mortgage.

Existing Halifax Mortgage Customers

If you are a Bank of Scotland customer with a Halifax mortgage you can find further details about how the Bank of England rate change affects you on the Halifax website.

Existing Halifax Mortgage Customers