Savings Account Charges.

This section tells you about the charges that apply to your savings account.

Our charges


If you ask us to transfer money electronically from your account to another UK account using the CHAPS system we’ll charge you a fee of £25.

Sending money outside the UK or in a foreign currency

View information on our fees and charges to send money outside the UK or in a foreign currency.

Electronic payments from outside the UK or in a foreign currency

View information on our fees and charges to receive money outside the UK or in a foreign currency.

Copy statements

If you request a copy of a statement that has previously been issued to you, you may be charged a fee of £5 for each request. You will not be charged this fee if you have a passbook or use Online Banking and are registered for paper-free statements or if you have not previously been sent the statement.

We may make an additional charge for excessive requests (such as for many duplicate statements). However, we will let you know beforehand so that you can choose whether or not to continue with your request.

Foreign currency

You may ask us to use a number of special services relating to foreign currency. Ask at any of our branches for details.

Withdrawals by banker’s draft

You cannot withdraw any amount less than £500 from your savings account by banker’s draft

Using cash machines for non-sterling cash withdrawals

If you use your savings card to withdraw cash from a cash machine in a currency other than sterling, it is converted to sterling on the day it is processed. Visa convert the currency using the Visa Payment Scheme exchange rate on the day.

We will charge you a non-sterling transaction fee of 2.99% of the value of the transaction and a non-sterling cash fee of £1.50. Where you allow the cash machine operator/financial service provider to make the conversion to sterling, we will only charge a foreign cash fee of £1.50. The provider of the foreign currency may make a separate charge for conversion.

Interest for overdrawn accounts

You shouldn’t allow your savings account to become overdrawn. If this does happen we won’t currently charge you any interest, but you should repay your overdrawn balance immediately.