We are experiencing a high number of calls at the moment. So that we can support those in the most vulnerable situations please only call if it is urgent. Remember, you can do most of your banking tasks yourself online, either using our app or through Internet Banking.

Improvements to your online bank

Here are some of the latest useful features we’ve added to Online Banking to help you manage your money.

Spending Insights *NEW*

Spending Insights gives you a breakdown of where your money goes every month. It shows your current account spending in categories so you can spot the patterns and see where you might be able to save some money in future. 


How to see your Spending Insights

Using our app:

  1. Tap the three dots next your account to open the account menu.
  2. Tap 'View spending insights’.
  3. See your spending breakdown and tap the categories for more details.


Using Online Banking from a mobile device browser:

  1. Tap the account you want to see.
  2. Tap 'View Spending Insights’.
  3. See your spending breakdown and tap the categories for more details.

Upcoming payments

See what’s due to come out of your account in the next 31 days and you could find it easier to keep your finances in good shape.

Upcoming payments screenshot

Where was that purchase made?

You can now see more about where a purchase was made using your chip and PIN or contactless debit card. Simply select the transaction in your statement page to see the location details, which may include a map.

See where a purchase was made screenshot

Improved search tools

Search, export and print up to 12 months of transactions with a handy autosuggest search tool. You can also search and filter by transaction types.

Search tool screenshot