Check Your Credit Score

Thinking about applying for a mortgage, credit card or other type of borrowing? Check Your Credit Score for free, with no impact on your credit file.

Check Your Credit Score

Check Your Credit Score

If you bank with Bank of Scotland, you can register to use Your Credit Score using Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app: 

  • View your TransUnion credit score.
  • See what you’re doing well, as well as tips on things to work on. 
  • It’s free to check and won’t impact your credit file. 

How to check your credit score

You can find Your Credit Score in Internet Banking, or in our Mobile Banking app.

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What is Your Credit Score?

Your Credit Score is a free service provided by Bank of Scotland.  We've partnered with TransUnion, a credit reference agency, to provide you with access to your credit information which includes your credit score as well as factors that help you understand what is impacting it.

Why should I use Your Credit Score? 

  • It can help you understand what you’re doing well.
  • It can also help you to understand what you could improve .
  • It’s updated regularly to help you track your progress over time. 

Who are TransUnion?

TransUnion are one of the three main credit reference agencies in the UK, along with Equifax and Experian.  Credit score data is provided by TransUnion. 

How does Your Credit Score work?

  • We’ll ask you to confirm your name, date of birth and address history, and check that you’re happy for us to share them with TransUnion to request your credit information on your behalf. 
  • Once registered, you can check/see your score, along with tailored hints and tips on how you might be able to improve it. 
  • You can check your score whenever you like, for free, with no impact on your credit file. We’ve teamed up with TransUnion, one of the three main credit reference agencies in the UK, to provide this service.

What is a credit score?

Lenders may use credit scoring to help decide whether you’re likely to repay money you borrow. Your score is one of the things we look at when considering whether to offer you a loan, mortgage, credit card or other type of borrowing.

Learn more about credit scoring


For a quick summary, watch our short video.

Bank of Scotland - What is a credit score?
  • When you apply for a borrowing product like a credit card or loan, lenders will consider a number of factors to decide whether they can lend to you responsibly, one of those factors is called a credit score.

    If you also have a good payment history on all your accounts, have low outstanding debts and are able to afford your repayments, a good credit score means you're more likely to be seen as a lower credit risk.

    Usually the higher your credit score the better and that means you're more likely to be offered credit. You're also more likely to be offered lower interest rates which makes borrowing cheaper and more likely to be offered higher credit limits.

    Credit reference agencies are companies that hold important information on people's identity, address and personal financial history. These companies get some of their information from public records like the electoral register and from court records. They'll also have information from other lenders showing whether you made repayments on time.

    Many lenders including Bank of Scotland offer eligibility checkers - ours is called One Check. This can help you find out what credit cards you may be eligible to apply for. Your answers to eligibility checker questions are not available to credit reference agencies and therefore they do not affect your credit score.

    There are lots of things you can do that may improve your credit score over time. These include checking you're registered as a voter, making sure you pay your bills in time, clearing your debts and not regularly maxing out your credit card limits. You should also avoid applying for lots of credit cards or loans at the same time.

    Your credit score is an important part of managing your borrowing so we hope you found this video helpful.

    To find out more about credit scoring, please go to scoring

Important information

How much we’ll lend and the rate offered are subject to our assessment of your circumstances.  Your credit score is just one of the things we take into account when deciding whether to lend to you.  

Credit score data is provided by TransUnion. 

Your Credit Score is available to UK Residents 18 and over registered for Internet Banking.