Modern life is hectic. With all the demands on your time it’s not always easy to stay on top of everything including managing money. A few everyday decisions can help you get more organised and in control, and in turn achieve peace of mind.

Heads up versus head in the sand

It’s tempting to avoid digging into your finances, especially when life gets busy. But that can mean your money isn’t working as hard as it could, or that avoidable problems start to take root. It needn’t take long to put yourself in the picture. Our Money Health Check takes less than a minute and will give you handy tips to boost your financial fitness. And if you’d like a deeper dive into your financial plans, a Personal Review might be useful.

Planning ahead or putting off?

Staying on top of your finances is much easier when you set a realistic budget you can stick to – you might find an online budget calculator a handy time-saver. It’s also important to review it regularly as your circumstances and priorities change. It’s easy to let this slide down your to-do list but if it’s part of your regular routine you’ll speed through it faster, so mark your diary at least once a month. The more often you do it, the less time it takes and the more in control you’ll feel. Digital tools can help. Mobile banking is a great multi-tasking tool – you can check your balance anywhere, any time so you know you’re on track.

Al fresco versus ‘al desko’

If your work-life balance is out of kilter it can be exhausting, and hard to plan your time and money well. A survey has shown that a third of UK employees don’t leave their place of work during the day and less than half take a full lunch break. A proper break at lunch time – and ideally some fresh air – means you’ll return to work refreshed, be more productive and better able to make the most of your free time, too.

Me first versus me last

Family and social lives can also place demands on time and energy, and the effect can really add up. A little ‘me time’ isn’t a luxury, it’s a wellbeing necessity to help you de-stress, reflect and plan for the future you want. It needn’t bust your budget – finding better balance can sometimes be as simple as a walk in the park.

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